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i95Dev Magento Like Search – Search for Incorrect Keywords

Losing customers? Optimize search! Get More Orders! Search for Incorrect Keywords

i95Dev Like Search Extension for Magento

i95Dev Like Search

Product Highlights

  • Faster and accurate way to search
  • Able to display synonyms and combinations of the search keyword.
  • Supports Versions,, and
  • Free Installation Support help from i95Dev Forum

Quick Overview

The first thing most customers’ will do on your site is search for the products, make sure you give them the best search experience possible
The default search on the topmost of the page yields poor results. If something is misspelled or an extra word is added or no results are being displayed, you can lose your customers as they will not find what they are looking for.

If your customers are not able to find what they are searching for, it will be very difficult for you to get orders. i95Dev Revolutionary and powerful Extension will display all the available search results in the Magento application along with synonyms of the search keyword. Even combinations of the search keyword will be displayed for easy reference.

Save Time! No need to configure each keyword manually.

Product Screens

How to work with this Extension:

  • Follow the installation document to setup this extension in your store.
  • After successful installation you can observe below screen in admin->configuration tab.
  • Now you can search for the products in your store. Screen shot shown below:

i95Dev Like Search Results

i95Dev Like Search Results from catalog

i95Dev Like Search helps in finding out synonyms and combinations of the search keyword.

i95Dev Like Search

i95Dev Like Search

On clicking the prompted keyword can have the following screen:

i95Dev Like Search results

i95Dev Like Search results

Click here to go to extension page

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