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How Rebecca Minkoff dominates fashion ecommerce, with Magento

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Website user experience has always been a yardstick of an ecommerce platform. Great online stores make sure their users find it easy to navigate their website. eStores which fall or perish often find reason for their decline in the user experience. This blog is our analysis of how Magento for Fashion ecommerce players can help them build customers experience.
One such business famous for ultimate customer experience through digital storefront is the high end bag retailer ‘Rebecca Minkoff’. Rebecca Minkoff (the store) embracing digital innovation to enhance the customer buying experience is a proof of this.
The space in which ‘Rebecca Minkoff’ operated required them to be adept at the below aspects.

  1. Converse with their customers
  2. Showcase their product offering with precise detailing
  3. Having an efficient returns management in place
  4. Innovative and easy delivery along with purchasing options

i95dev-EGE-MagentoRiding the reputation of Rebecca Minkoff earned over the years of being a fashion industry disruptor, it is only obvious that within a short period, they upped their ante. This conscious decision on the part of Rebecca Minkoff made them opt for the state of art ecommerce platform ‘Magento’, which powers close to 126,193 sites in United States of America alone.

Lessons from Rebecca Minkoff on customer experience in Fashion Ecommerce

Think of a scenario where a shopper to enter a retail store of their choice, access multiple garments of various size and colors from an interactive display screen. That is exactly experience Rebecca Minkoff is providing their shoppers with their smart dressing rooms.
This gives customers the control over everything right from viewing garment and accessories colors of their size and color to adjusting the fitting rooms lighting and even requesting for assistance. The store just takes the shopping experience to the next level by letting the customers save their session information on their personal profile, which they can then store on their smart phones for future references.
Some of the major innovations that Rebecca Minkoff undertook are:

  • Check in upon arrival: In this method, the customers’ history like previous buying pattern, shopping sessions, types of products they are interested is stored in their personal profile. This is accessible to the on floor sales representatives once the customer enters the store of Rebecca Minkoff. This greatly helps the sales representative as the information at hand comes in handy.
  • Browsing the glass shopping wall: This is a similar to a physical mirror in a store. It helps shoppers select from the product catalogs of the brand. This method even allows the shoppers to schedule a one-on-one personalized styling session.
  • Interactive Fitting Rooms: This revolutionary innovation identifies the items present in the room and even drills down depending on the colors, sizing and materials that are available in the store. If the shopper requires a particular product of their choice, they can just click to raise a request with the store associate.

When we analyze the achievements of Rebecca Minkoff and given the nature of innovation in their storefront, it fits into the bigger picture.

  • Analyzing the customers shopping pattern and profile is available to the sales representatives to clinch a deal as the sales team is acting on a lot of information about the shopper.
    Achievement – Personalization
  • Shopping with the brand from any platform and any medium is possible based on the convenience of the shopper.
    Achievement – Omni Channel presence
  • All the product information is available in a single window repository. This makes it very easy to for the website user to navigate the information, leading to increased return visitors.
    Achievement – Increase in Customer loyalty

The consolidated outcome through these innovative experiments is enhanced customer experience. To achieve this holistic experience, Rebeca Minkoff needed the technology to support it and that is where ‘Magento’ comes in.

Read our blog for more thoughts on ecommerce’s outlook on Fashion Industry.

How can Magento help your brand pull a Rebecca Minkoff?
Smartphones and tablets helped bring shopping experience to consumers’ fingertips. Companies like Rebecca Minkoff need an integrated experience for their customers across channels (read our blog on omni channel experience).
Magento ecommerce does just that. Integrating multiple channels, customize brand experience to deliver that continuity across channels and devices. Also, ensures relevant information is streamed to the end consumer.
To reinforce upon the point of how important customer experience is for a fashion ecommerce player, a study conducted by ‘Gartner’ states that 50% of the organizations will redirect their investments for innovations to enhance customer experience by year 2018. This is exactly what Rebecca Minkoff did.
The other major advantage Magento offers to ecommerce businesses is the ease of having access to all information from a single window. Magento Commerce order management enables business to combine information from multiple database, which is essential for having a single hand source of customer orders and product inventory. These aspects achieves efficiency, streamlined deliverability and order fulfillment.i95dev-GPUG-Summit-2017-Magento
Achieving personalization, offering better promotions and discounts become easy with the new Magento platform. Customer needs and expectations have always been the heart of Magento ecommerce, open source coding being the strong point of this online medium. This revolutionary coding architecture of Magento gives ample scope for to scale up the performance capabilities of the ecommerce business and achieve customization to suit myriad business needs.
Magento ecommerce platform is a great tool for achieving the concept of ‘Unified Ecommerce’ due to its ability to integrate with backend systems like ERP and CRM. With the concept of mobile ecommerce, gaining focus from the past 5 years the ease, which Magento provides by blending the offline and online shopping experience, is a definite addition to the arsenal of an ecommerce business. Magento being strong unified ecommerce platform provides businesses the ability to provide immersive shopping experience and ultimately, the customer delight to keep them loyal to the brand.

Bottom Line: Magento ecommerce platform is suited business for all sizes but mostly suitable for businesses looking for scalability, but hey, who is not trying to go the next level.
If you are looking for upping the ante, think Magento.

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To enhance the performance of a Magento store there are extensions, which only amplify the Magento effect. To read about the best extensions for your Magento store click here. If you are a business looking to replicate Rebecca Minkoff success story and need Magento help contact us.

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How Rebecca Minkoff dominates fashion ecommerce, with Magento