November 26, 2012

Real-time integration of Magento with
SalesForce: Best Sales Solution

Author Charlie Brown
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Magento along with SalesForce to help convert abandoned shopping carts, stay in contact with leads and increase your sales force’s capabilities of being successful
eCommerce stores require various platforms to achieve everything necessary for a successful operation. Magento is one of the most powerful platforms to host your store on, but it requires the use of various other systems to optimize your company’s sales. While the use of these two powerful platforms is essential for the success of your business, they both have equal amounts of required maintenance that could drain your company’s productivity and finances. i95Dev has successfully created a solution to this problem – Magento SalesForce Connect – which is now ready for purchase and use!

Decrease Labor Costs and Increase Productivity

The largest benefit of Magento SalesForce Connect is the decreased need for redundant work between Magento and SalesForce. Your company is not making any more money or being any more conducive to sales by redundantly entering the same information into the two systems. With Magento SalesForce Connect, you will realize real-time integration between the two platforms, eliminating the need for excessive labor usage and costs, allowing employees and sales staff to focus on the tasks that have an impact on your company’s sales.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Any company’s goal should be to strive for maximum customer satisfaction. When the work is tedious and customers are not instantly updated, customer satisfaction can be difficult to achieve. Magento SalesForce Connect puts an end to that problem by directly syncing all customer information, leads and product information from Magento to SalesForce. This allows your customers to be updated in real-time with all pertinent information, eliminating any delay of information or inaccurate information.

Lead Creation

Effective lead creation is essential to the success of any business, but it can be difficult to achieve when there are too many systems to navigate to obtain those leads. With Magento SalesForce Connect, when customers abandon their shopping cart, their information is automatically transferred as a lead from Magento into SalesForce. This creates a productive lead for your sales staff to follow up on and reduces the amount of manual labor required to achieve those leads, helping your sales staff increase their productivity and sales.

Easier Promotions

Marketing becomes a much less labor-intensive task with the use of Magento SalesForce Connect. With the real-time update of all customer information, including abandoned shopping carts, successful sales and updated customer information, you can automatically generate appropriate product campaigns for targeted customers, allowing you to increase your sales with minimal effort.
Real-time integration of Magento with SalesForce is the best way to ensure the highest productivity, lowest labor costs and higher likelihood of sales for your eCommerce store. i95Dev is proud to provide our customers with this latest product that promises to take your eCommerce store from labor intensive to one that is productive and generates the level of sales you desire.

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