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9 Reasons B2B organizations should Start Adopting eCommerce

If you think eCommerce is largely for retail businesses, then think again. While B2C eCommerce seems to get the most attention from media channels, B2B eCommerce is the bigger revenue generator, not just in the US, but also globally.

Since the entry of eCommerce giants such as Alibaba and Amazon has made news, other B2B websites are trying to play catch and are increasingly trying to offer the same convenience and experience that retailers provide to their B2C customers. This accelerated trend signifies clearly that online B2B sellers are speedily coming to the realization that the customer experience in a B2B environment is just as important as the customer experience for B2C.

In this eBook we will dive into:

  • Crucial reasons for the dramatic rise in eCommerce adoption amongst B2B companies, including wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.
  • Key features of a successful B2B eCommerce store.
  • How you can deliver a seamless shopping experience to your B2B customer.

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