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i95Dev is a world leader in Magento eCommerce integration for both B2C and B2B businesses. Our experts possess the high-quality experience you require to support and deliver the most complex integrations with a variety of systems, including ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Marketplaces and Mobile & Social applications.

ERP/ Accounts Integration

Improve operational efficiency by streamlining information movement from ecommerce to ERP/ Accounting system. The information sync not only saves costs by eliminating unproductive, repetitive and manual tasks but also helps you focus on things really important to your business, your Customers.

i95Dev eCommerce and ERP/ Accounting System Integration

POS/ CRM Integration

Improve customer satisfaction by providing consistent shopping experience across channels with ecommerce and POS & CRM integration. You can keep better track of your inventory, better serve your customers and use analytics to identify trends to keep your stock at the appropriate levels.

i95Dev eCommerce and POS/CRM Integration

Marketplace Integrations

Easily list your products on third-party sites to gain greater exposure. With shopping feeds integration, you can sell in more places without spending a lot of time managing your sales in each individual feed.

i95Dev eCommerce and Marketplace Integration

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