July 15, 2013

B2B eCommerce: Sales
Quote Module for Magento

Author Mark Johnson
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The Sales Quote Module from i95Dev provides companies that are service-based, product-based or both with the ability to allow customers to create sales quotes for online orders, straight from the Magento shopping cart.

How does it work ?

When you use the sales quote module with your Magento storefront, customers can add products to request for quote using the “Add to Quote” button. They must be logged in to submit this request.

Magento Add to Quote

After adding products your customers can submit the RFQ (Request For Quote) form, after which they will receive an email confirmation of their request. This email includes all the details as mentioned by the user.

Magento RFQ

The Magento Admin can now accept this RFQ and convert it to a quote using the easy-to-use control panel on the backend. Administrators also have the ability to make changes to the request and send emails to the customer.

View RFQ

The users are notified of the newly generated quote and they can then either reject the quote or convert it to an order.
Customer View - Quotes
What Can You Expect from the Sales Quote Module?

As you consider the possibility of enhancing your Magento Store with the sales quote module, it is critical to evaluate what the product can do for you. This module offers features that allow you to:

  • Encourage customers to create their own quote with a button located on your storefront.
  • Submit requests with the use of one simple form.
  • Allow store staff to create new quotes from the backend.
  • Store staff can update “Quote Request Information,” “Product Quantity” and “Price Proposal.”
  • Submit price proposals in mere seconds from the backend.
  • Enable customers to review and approve proposals online.
  • Allow customer management of quotes with the ability to approve or reject.
  • Easily convert approved quotes into orders.

Enhance the Power of Your Magento Storefront

Magento is an incredible option for e-commerce on its own. However, when you couple your Magento storefront with extensions, such as the store quote module, you will realize even more benefits. These benefits will greatly enhance your customers’ experience and improve the way you do business. Some of the benefits of the sales quote module include:

  • The ability to sell customized solutions to your customers.
  • An increase in upsell potential.
  • Real-time access to all necessary information.
  • Enhanced customer personalization for a better user experience.

With this powerful module, retailers and merchants can take some of the pressure off their sales team. Instead of requiring your sales people to reach out to customers, especially with time-sensitive or otherwise critical questions. You will put the power in your customers’ hands, allowing them to instantly create sales quotes. Your staff will receive alerts so they can act on these requests.

Contact our e-commerce specialists at i95Dev and add this sales quote module to your Magento store today so your customers can start generating quotes your sales staff can convert into sales.

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