January 28, 2020

Benefits of Building Facebook
Store Powered by Magento

Author AnkitA

According to the “United States Securities and Exchange Commission,” Mark Zuckerberg’s salary is just one dollar a year! However, we are sure that it isn’t a problem for the co-founder of the world’s largest social networking platform, whose net worth is more than $55 billion.

This post is not about Facebook, but to tell you how your business can get more success with the integration of Magento and Facebook.

Today, Facebook has more than 2.45 billion users worldwide and has proved to be one of today’s best social platforms for selling and growing a business. This is why marketers have started to take notice of this social networking behemoth!

There are more than 65 million active business pages and it is believed that over 74% of products or brands are willing to pay to promote their posts. According to Global Digital Statshot, by the end of 2018 Facebook reached more than 2 billion people through ads and there are more than 80 million businesses on it.

Looking at these stats we can safely conclude that Facebook is easily one of the best platforms to reach more customers. And to make the most out of Facebook, you should consider integrating your Magento store with Facebook.

Magento 2 and Facebook integration

Magento 1 did not have any free out-of-the-box extension. Therefore, you cannot integrate Magento-driven stores seamlessly with Facebook. Further, for every paid option, you will need to get your own team of experienced people to search the marketplace. The same dedicated team will also have to help you in carrying out the integration. Not only would it prove time-consuming, but expensive as well.
On the other hand, Magento 2 will offer you a lot of options. Magento 2 will provide you many inventive as well as new extensions. The shop integration on Facebook for Magento 2 will facilitate the sellers to advertise and promote their product in a much better and efficient way. The new solutions that come with Magento 2 will let the sellers handle their products smoothly and let them promote their products as sponsored products as well.

Magento Social

With Magento 2, you will get an amazing free tool called Magento Social. Magento Social will let you integrate your web store with Facebook easily. Magento Social works very well with Enterprise 2.1 and 2.0.
In simpler terms, when you will install this extension – Magento Social, it will work as the gateway between your Facebook page and your eStore. In addition to that, it will offer you various advertising opportunities and a prominent social media presence.
Magento Social is very easy to install and there are few easy steps that you have to follow.

  1. Install the module
  2. Watch for a new clickable button that will appear in “Marketing” section (in your Admin panel it will be “Connect to Facebook”)
  3. Click on the button
  4. Initiate the Magento installation
  5. Set your Facebook store

As soon as you complete the mentioned steps, you will see a new tab called ‘Shop” appear on the page you have selected. That tab will start mirroring your eStore and add every product there.


  • You can customize the design of your store easily
  • All traffic that you will get on your Facebook page will be directed straight to the website
  • Every change that you will make in your Magento catalog will apply to your Facebook page automatically and almost instantly
  • You will be able to create better Facebook ads easily, and quickly
  • Easy installation
  • Time-effective

Increase the traffic to your e-store with the integration

Do you know that many businesses do not have a website and they run their business by only targeting Facebook users? The concept of social selling is now a trend that is getting popular and accepted by many businesses. Therefore, even if your eStore is doing exceptionally well, you can always improve your sales and visibility through Facebook.
If you are still on Magento’s first edition, this is the best time for you to migrate. Apart from the fact that Magento announced the ‘end of life’ for Magento 1 in June 2020; there are several other reasons as well for you to migrate right now!

Closing note

When you integrate your eStore with social media, it will open a world of opportunities for you. Not only, have social media platforms proved themselves as an efficient sales channel, but also an excellent promotional channel as well. Integrating your Facebook store with Magento 2 can avail of many exciting opportunities and reach more users. Contact us for info on how we can help you.

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