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October 12, 2020

2021 Collection: Best Shopify
Themes for Starting Your Store

Author i95Dev Marketing

As the vaccines near 100% efficacy, businesses are gearing up to take advantage of the post-COVID spending patterns. The startup boom and diversification drives are pushing for acceleration in the online selling industry. The eCommerce market is expected to reach $4.97 trillion, displaying a 400% growth rate in the last 7 years. 2021 is indeed the best time to start your eCommerce business, and Shopify is the ultimate choice for building eCommerce stores across all industries across the globe. We strongly recommend hiring a Shopify ERP integration service for building a proper store; selecting the right theme is the first step to it. We have come up with this list of best Shopify themes that you can select for starting your web store or relaunching it in 2021. Buckle up to explore some great looking, responsive, and popular Shopify themes with snapshots to make the decision right away.

    • Minimal Vintage
      If you are dealing in vintage items, especially art forms, Minimal Vintage can do wonders for you. This is an extremely versatile Shopify theme, and it supports a wide variety of customization needs. It helps to feature the products, and you can also work on packing quality content around it. This theme looks equally appealing on smartphones, and it is currently listed as ‘free’ on the Shopify Store. You can also use it for consumer goods, clothing, lifestyle products, cosmetics, jewelry, and pretty much anything that you would want to display in a sleek, minimalistic layout.
  • Furnitto
    Want to start a furniture store? Furnitto might be the best pick for your webstore. It is SEO friendly, something that’s mandatory for managing the canonical tags and other SEO requirements. It is easy to navigate and also supports blogging. It looks great on all OS-browser-screen size combinations, supports quick previews of the products, and allows you to play with text, including overlaying it on the images. It is priced at $139, and it is ideal given its design and compatibility with the search engines.

  • Wokiee
    Wokiee is arguably one of the most popular Shopify themes as it powers over 50,000+ eCommerce stores currently. A fluidic UX, multiple modules for heavy customization, has 16 skins available for use with over 27 homepage layouts, which makes it a truly multi-measure theme. It is packed with features like AJAX search, social media integrations, in-built Google snippets tool, sales notifications, in-built buttons, multi-lingual support, and mobile responsive design. It has almost everything that you need in an eCommerce store. It is a premium offering, and we find it as one of the greatest ways to kick start your online selling journey, given its powerful scalability. You can also book a demo with i95Dev if you want to know more about it.

  • Roxxe
    If you are looking for a swiss knife type one fit for all problems, Roxxe could be a perfect package for you. It comes with 65+ pre-built home page layouts, more than 60 skins, it comes optimized for retina display, and it loads quickly. The drag-down menu comes in a compound layout, and it suits a wide variety of purposes. One good thing that makes it a popular choice is the 50+ ready to use layouts to customize easily to power your online business. It is a premium theme, and it starts from $19 and upwards.

  • Pipeline
    If you are considering a classic, scroll-heavy theme, your search ends with Pipeline. It also follows the minimalist layout pattern. This theme is especially popular because it suits both types of web stores: The one with a handful of products and the ones with large catalogs. You can also add product videos as it comes with a video player module for both outer and inner pages.

  • Supply
    Have a lot of products to display? Supply Shopify theme can cater to all your needs. This template is designed to beautifully pack a large number of products without harming navigation capabilities. It goes well with luxury products, and we find that it can do wonders for collectibles, small art forms, and anything that leans towards high value, beauty, and pricey tags. However, it is necessary to have dedicated apps for managing this store like a Shopify-QuickBooks integration, email integration, and logistics app integrations to ensure a smooth customer experience. This helps solve typical issues faced by Shopify stores. Have a look at the Supply template here:

  • Avenue
    Last but not least, if you want a good looking, mobile responsive Shopify theme that looks minimalist yet allows you to put on more text and images, Avenue can be a great choice. The interface is very clean, and it allows you to do an excellent job with your eCommerce store’s overall branding.

At i95Dev, we suggest our clients keep branding as one of the top considerations while selecting their Shopify templates. It is because most businesses coming to us for relaunch find lack of branding as a common issue.

Summing Up

The first step to launching an eCommerce business is finding the right platform and i95Dev’s extends its professional assistance throughout the process. For Shopify, it is finding the right team. Our team of dedicated developers and QA engineers provide reliable Shopify integration services that will help you harness the eCommerce trends in 2021 and beyond. We will also help you automate your eCommerce store to get maximum ROI. We hope you find this article on the top 7 Shopify themes for starting your store in 2021 insightful and if you have any queries, feel free to contact i95Dev to get the best guidance.

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