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June 29, 2021

BigCommerce Dynamics AX Integration Services:
Impact On Ecommerce Performance

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BigCommerce is among the most cost-effective and versatile eCommerce store builders, and it currently powers more than 32,000 online stores. Unlike other alternatives like Shopify, you don’t need to spend hefty recurring amounts on various apps as most features come built-in with it. Despite this, you will need an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX to power their operations since automation becomes a basic necessity once your organization outgrows your intuitive ability to manage processes manually.

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Luckily, this is going to be the case with most of the eCommerce stores that have witnessed the pandemic-led online sales boom and even the new entrants. As you can see in the below graphs, mobile shopping is also commanding a larger piece of the pie as opposed to previous trends:

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With the growing volume of online orders, it is, therefore, necessary to integrate your eCommerce powered online store with a full-fledged backend platform. Today, i95Dev’s BigCommerce-Dynamics AX integration experts will provide you with insights into how combining these two platforms can create a synergy to expedite your eCommerce business. Let’s get started.

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Basic Outcomes Of BigCommerce Dynamics AX Integration

In today’s world, no business operates over a single channel and hence, maintaining data fidelity and accuracy across different touchpoints is of paramount importance. When you go for BigCommerce Dynamics AX Integration, you can expect the following benefits under unified multi-platform, multi-channel support:

  • Avoid manual and repetitive data input : Integrating your BigCommerce shop with AX Dynamics reduces the potential risks caused by faulty human data entry.
  • Enhance data sharing speed: Having an eCommerce-ERP connector allows you to implement secure bidirectional data transfer across applications and human resources in designated file formats.
  • Boost data quality: When data from BigCommerce is manually inputted into your ERP, there is a possibility that mistakes will occur. Automation ensures that your data flows through a validation layer and is collected through sensors/reliable process markers, which reduces the number of expensive mistakes and chargebacks. It also helps finalize a single source of truth for your backend and frontend.
  • Accelerate business processes: Integrating your BigCommerce store with your ERP can aid in the creation of a smooth workflow across departments and functionalities in your company. An integrated data flow will provide you with the insights you need to make sound decisions that are in line with your company’s strategy and goals.
  • Make important resources available : Integrating the frontend with the backend through a custom solution enables you to utilize your resources optimally. This includes both your physical and human resources, and it is implemented by a data-driven approach to processes, data, and people.

Thus, it allows you to benefit from increasing internet penetration and global product demand alongside minimizing your operational overheads and widening your customer reach. These factors also happen to be the principal drivers of eCommerce growth globally:

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Why Should You Go For BigCommerce Dynamics AX Integration

Despite being an enterprise-grade system that can cater to a worldwide business, Microsoft Dynamics AX has a distinct place among ERP solutions due to its adaptability. Its user experience is easy and effective, and the relatively simple learning curve speeds up the implementation process. This also makes it easier for firms to assess the advantages rapidly. Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best option to capture the growing opportunities as global eCommerce returns to normalcy. As a result, combining the two can assist business owners in making the most of their features by working in tandem.

Some of the advantages include eliminating manual data input, avoiding expensive errors as a consequence of re-keying data, reducing deployment time, establishing connections anytime, anywhere, and freeing up resources to focus on improving your business’ bottomline. No doubt, integrating Dynamics AX with your BigCommerce store is the way to go.

The Impact Of BigCommerce Dynamics AX Integration On Your Business

For your organization to run smoothly, data from your BigCommerce store’s front end is required by many departments. It is essential to building an agile business model that can react to shifting market trends that requires transparency. Different teams require data to collaborate. Here are some of the benefits of connecting your BigCommerce shop with other departments:

Effects on Marketing and Sales: Data is at the heart of today’s marketing operations. With this integration, marketers will obtain real-time analytics and automate coordination with other stakeholders to strengthen their bottom line. Account managers can receive real-time information on orders via automated EDI document flow. This is especially beneficial if you have multiple selling channels like various social media, affiliate marketing, influencer-driven sales apart from your BigCommerce-based online store. It also helps manage customer relations and cater to their queries from a centralized platform using a CRM.

Operational Impact: All of the behind-the-scenes “magic” that guarantees purchases are dispatched, and there are no stockouts handled by the operations staff. Your team can easily handle inbound and outgoing shipments with an interconnected system coupled to your BigCommerce store. The integration optimizes the coordination between internal and external stakeholders. For instance, your warehouse staff’s timesheets are scheduled according to the raw material lead times. Thus, automated data-driven decisions replace intuitive management of operations.

Implications on Finance and Accounting: Finance now has access to precise, near-real-time data thanks to the integration. As a consequence, finance may collaborate with marketing to identify high-performing products and set dynamic profit margins for under-development goods. The integration also allows finance and accounting modules to view all accepted orders and payments if you’re using a multi-channel approach. As a result, managing accounts payable and receivable is simplified, as certain sales channels do not generate immediate payment.

Wrapping Up

As we can clearly see, BigCommerce-Dynamics AX integration helps eliminate all major bottlenecks and refine your functional capabilities to a great extent. On top of that, Dynamics AX’s eCommerce oriented functionalities prove to be the best fit for BigCommerce-powered stores as it complements its features.

If you are looking for eCommerce-ERP integration experts to help you with BigCommerce-Dynamics AX integration , feel free to contact i95Dev now!

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