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Out of the Box features for Seamless Integration


Let your store customers purchase online and vice versa with customer information sync between Magento and Dynamics RMS.


Now sell your in store products online by listing these products online with product sync between the two systems.


Avoid overselling your products, in-store and online, with real time inventory sync between Magento and Dynamics RMS.


Fulfill all your orders centrally with seamless transfer of orders from Magento to Dynamics RMS HQ.

Credit Limits

Allow your customers to make purchases on your website using store credits by syncing the information from Dynamics RMS.

Tier Prices

Offer specific pricing to various groups to enhance your customer service capabilities with tier price sync between the two systems.

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Become a Global Brand

Do not limit yourself to the physical location where you have your retail stores. With Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics RMS integration, you can now leverage the power of eCommerce to establish yourself as a global brand with little incremental effort. The integration not only enables you to acquire new customers but also gives your existing customers an opportunity to stay associated with your brand without visiting your brick-and-mortar store. The new channel, with a wider audience reach, also gives you the ability to sell your store inventory online leading to increased sales and faster inventory rotation.

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS - Become a Global Brand | i95Dev
Magento Dynamics RMS Connect - Cross-sell and Up-sell

Better Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to Customers

An integrated ecosystem will ensure that all your customer information is updated across all systems. Your sales representatives, equipped with this information, can now make more informed sales decisions when selling to your customers. For example they can use order history (from web and store) to better cross-sell and up-sell products to your customers.

Efficient Returns Management

Return is a long and complex process involving multiple team and systems. With RMS Connect you can streamline this complex process by centralizing information and automating communication between systems. Moreover the integrated ecosystem also opens up newer opportunities like Buy online and return in store, Buy in one state and return in another State, etc.

i95Dev Magento Dynamics RMS Connect RMA
i95Dev Magento Dynamics RMS Connect - Integrated Marketing and Loyalty Systems

Integrated Marketing and Loyalty Systems

Now run digital marketing and email campaigns targeting your online and in-store customers, motivate them to purchase online from you rather than losing them to a competitor’s online store. You can also notify them about new products, upcoming sales and much more. Moreover, with integrated loyalty systems you can now reward your customers for being loyal to your brand and not a channel within your brand.


Real Time Inventory Sync

Increased Sales

Improved Cash Flow

Minimized Order Aging

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined Business Processes

Improved Operational Efficiency

Omni-channel Experience

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