May 14, 2015

eBook – Magento and
PCI Compliance

Author Stalin Cruz
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Security is a crucial aspect in the world of eCommerce. It is also one of the main differentiating factors for making or breaking an eCommerce business. Many sub-industries have been created thanks to eCommerce and they greatly depend on it. Therefore, there is no margin for a lapse in security during a transaction.

Thankfully, leading financial corporations have put together certain guidelines to help mitigate security risks called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These when followed help the eCommerce sites to be safe and secure. Ecommerce sites that adhere to these security standards are called PCI Compliant sites.

PCI Compliance is a self-audit process which is recommended for every eCommerce site. But to be truly trusted, by your customers, to provide a safe and secure eCommerce site businesses are required to become PCI Certified. PCI Certification, other than being PCI Compliant, requires businesses to go through a rigorous audit by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) certified by PCI Standards Council followed by a final validation by PCI Standards Council.

The requirements for formal validation of PCI DSS compliance changes based on the tier, which a merchant belongs to. This eBook highlights the tiers and many other aspects (mentioned below) of PCI Compliance and gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of PCI Compliance and its various facets.

  • PCI DSS Guidelines,
  • Various Tiers,
  • Difference between being PCI Compliant and PCI Certified,
  • Benefits of being PCI Certified, and
  • How Magento helps in PCI compliance?

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