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April 4, 2013

Enhance Your Online Experience with Magento
& Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Author Victor Achilles
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Combining the power of a comprehensive customer relations management, or CRM, application and a capable storefront gives you seamless control over your business. i95Dev’s Magento Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration is an easy and affordable way to improve sales, customer experience and problem response. Take a look at the benefits you’ll get from adopting this two-in-one efficiency power-punch.

Total Customer Knowledge at Your Fingertips
A combined system like the one created by i95Dev’s Magento Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration saves all the information your customer inputs into the system, as well as any information you choose to add. This includes purchase history, order tracking, contact information, customer service call logs, issues with products or payments and more.

Ability to Tweak Marketing, Inventory and Storefront to Improve Sales
Having this customer information available provides extremely rich customer research data. By looking for trends in behavior, demographics and sales, you can tailor your ad campaigns to customers who are really spending the most money in your store. In addition, you can link someone’s experience at your website to every interaction they’ve had with your company. Similar items to what they have purchased in the past can be recommended throughout their shopping experience.

Solve Customer Issues Quickly and Easily
Many times, companies struggle to resolve customer problems in an efficient way because they don’t have all their information in one place. When information regarding the client or the sale gets misplaced, it creates confusion that leads to bad decisions. Customers get frustrated in the process and wind up leaving the company and passing along their complaints.

A combined storefront and CRM program ensures this won’t ever happen. When a customer contacts you with a complaint, you’ll immediately have the information available to deal with it. In certain situations, you’ll have what you need to track down potential future problems for other clients. You will also have enough information to recognize fraudulent claims.

Collecting consumer data helps fuel future sales and deal with problems when they arise. Successful storefronts depend on storing sales information and promoting the right products at the right moments. Combining these two tasks immediately boosts sales and allows you to optimize marketing plans and take control of customer service. i95Dev provides businesses with an excellent resource in the Magento Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration. Contact us for more details today.

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