January 9, 2015

Get B2B Customers on Board –
with i95Dev’s Bill Pay Module for Magento

Author Chris Wilson
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Number of businesses leverage the power and flexibility of ecommerce. They are encouraging their customers, B2B and B2C alike, to move to this low cost channel. But for B2B ecommerce players, it does not end with new customers. Customers expect the same experience they have in B2C on a B2B platform. For example B2B customers , on the ecommerce store, prefer to purchase on credit and pay according to the traditional payment terms.
B2B ecommerce players need a solution which both admin and customers can use to complete pending transactions and payments online. The best way to address this challenge is to build a module that bridges the functional gap between Magento and ERP. i95Dev’s Bill Pay module is a perfect example of this. This module helps the customer to purchase against credit, to enhance user experience of customers. For the store admin, it gives visibility of account payables and receivables, pending either with customer or store owner. In addition to doing away with the manual processes, it gives visibility and flexibility into credit and cash management process.
Designed specifically for B2B customers, the i95Dev’s Bill Pay Module allows customers to access all necessary information from a unified desktop. Additionally, it enables the admins to serve customers quickly and efficiently, to view account details, previous transactions, pending bill payments, and pay (partially or completely) right from Magento. Even orders, with pending payments, placed in Dynamics GP are synced from Dynamics GP to Magento, which can then be paid using the Bill Pay module.i95dev-GP-Connect-Magento

Benefits of i95Dev’s Bill Pay Module

Below are some screenshot of how Bill Pay Module enhances Magento functionality.
About screenshot show the choice your customers can select. They can choose to pay with or without invoice, as per your business rules.
Your customer representatives can select an order with pending payments, and can pay amount fully or partially from Admin login as shown in screenshot above. If paid partially, the remaining amount to be paid will show under the “Outstanding Amount” column against the Order Number.
You can now generate “Return against an Invoice” as shown in the screenshot above. The difference amount between the invoice and the return is the actual amount paid by the customer in the transaction.
You can now view the payment details against a transaction as shown in the screenshot above. You can even check Billing and the Shipping Address of the customer along with Payment Type in one click.
Customers can now directly manage their payments from frontend. You can view your orders and the corresponding invoices, the Invoice due date and the outstanding payments in a single page; no need to flip between pages. Screenshot above displays the same. Select and enter the amount you want to pay against the order number and click on “Pay Now”. Once paid, you can view your payment details and even print your Payment Information.
Bill pay module is just one of the features which enables B2B ecommerce companies. Other features for B2B included sales person, advanced quotation and quick order modules. Together, these module can create a B2B ecommerce ecosystem that can enable ecommerce player to bridge the feature gap. For more information, contact us on marketing@i95dev.com.

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