09Dec, 2013

How to Reach Your Holiday E-Commerce Customers

We are well into the holiday peak shopping season and it’s expected to be even bigger than last year. With the rise in online shopping, retailers must reach out and remain top of mind to re-engage customers and attract new customers. Right now, if you are not using seasonal marketing, you need to start.

The hol­i­days are the best time to try out new things, test inno­v­a­tive pro­mo­tions and be more respon­sive. In sim­ple terms, it’s the time for tak­ing chances and breaking through the background noise to reach consumers. Enticing customers and converting their interest into purchases is the bottom line, but you need to make it easy to buy from you. Here are four ways digital marketing can increase customer engagement.

Advertisements and Special Offers

Holiday season is crucial to most retailers’ annual sales, which means it’s the time to binge on advertising, anticipate changes and attract customers. One way to grow your online impressions, i.e. the number of people who see an ad for your store, is by using Google Adwords advertisements. These can be tailored to your budget and to only appear in search engine results when specific terms are entered. It’s Google, so it can reach a huge number of customers. Tailor these ads to the deal-hungry seasonal consumer by including a promotional offer or coupon. Don’t forget to adequately deck out your website by including holiday landing pages and highlighting popular gift items to draw in customers.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile is possibly the single biggest opportunity to attract brand new customers.  With mobile internet users steeply increasing each year, retailers would be making a sizable mistake by ignoring such a growing channel. Responsive web design ensures that the web content is consistent and optimized for all mobile devices. User friendly mobile websites endowed with the functionality of full sites appeals to this new set of customers and boosts your bottom line.

Videos, Videos, Videos

According to Marketing Week, in April 2013, 16 percent of all visits to video sites ultimately result in the user proceeding to a transactional site. Today, videos are a vital medium for e-commerce as they dramatically increase a website’s conversion rate. Video is the most engaging medium to today’s digital generation who mostly grew up in the post-Internet age. Video can make products attractive and understandable by bringing products to life in full-color motion photography. Integrate videos into your full and mobile ecommerce sites if you want to engage customers and propel them to the checkout screen.

Keep Checkout Simple

Major online retailers have a fairly short online checkout process. That’s because they know that a user-friendly checkout process builds confidence among customers. A minimum of steps in the shopping cart checkout provides maximum comfort to the customer. Moreover, if consumers are enabled to purchase products without creating a customer account, the checkout process becomes easy for customers which then cuts the abandonment rate. It’s simple: keep it simple and you’ll see more sales conversions.

How i95Dev can help?

i95Dev knows better than most that holidays are the best time to help you in attracting new customers and building relationships with them. For more details, please feel free to connect with us at http://www.i95dev.com/contact/or give us a call at 301.760.7499. We would be more than happy to serve you and lend our expertise toward boosting your business.




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How to Reach Your Holiday E-Commerce Customers