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16Jul, 2011

i95Dev Magento Pricegrabber Feed Export

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i95Dev PriceGrabber

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Ability to export only selected products
  • Capability to strip HTML from Product Names
  • Capability to strip HTML from Product Descriptions
  • Capability to include Image Url and Product Url
  • Capability to auto generate Price Grabber Categorization( Bread Crumbs)
  • Capability to limit 100 Characters for Product titles
  • Capability to limit 1500 Characters for Product Description
  • Exports only Active Products
  • Ability to export feed in CSV format

Quick Overview

i95DevPricegrabber Export helps you to export all products of Magento web-site to PriceGrabber format (CSV).

Your products will be featured prominently in price grabber and Yahoo! Shopping which appear in highly relevant areas across Yahoo. It further gives you access to millions of motivated buyers.

If you have account with Pricegrabber, your products (from your Pricegrabber feed) are automatically added to Yahoo! Shopping based on your terms and conditions with Pricegrabber. You will no longer need to submit a feed to Yahoo! Product . The listings submitted to Pricegrabber will also appear on Yahoo! Shopping.

Product Screens

Screen shots are provided below for reference:

To enable the extension

Pricegrabber Extension - Admin Configuration Page

i95Dev Pricegrabber - Admin Configuration Page

Pricegrabber in manageproducts page

Pricegrabber Extension - Manage Product Page

i95Dev Pricegrabber - Manage Product Page

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i95Dev Magento Pricegrabber Feed Export