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Instant eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics RMS helps retailers leverage an eCommerce solution to sell their store inventory online. Powered by Magento, the solution seamlessly integrates with Dynamics RMS and can further be extended to integrate with third party online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon; eliminating the need to manage multiple systems.

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS | i95Dev


Search Engine Optimization

Maximize your store’s visibility on the web with search engine friendly URLs, meta-information for products, categories & products, auto-generated site map and more.

Marketing & Promotion

Attract and convert more customers with feature rich tools to recommend products, run custom promotions, offer coupons, promote new items, wish lists, newsletters and more.

Product & Catalog Browsing

Improve customer experience by making it easy for them to discover, find and share products with product descriptions and images, layered navigation, send to friend and more.

Convenient Checkout

Improve conversions by making shopping convenient for your customers with one-page checkout, guest checkout, multiple shipping and payment options, save shopping cart and more.

Mobile & Security

Build trust with your customers with a mobile optimized and secure ecommerce store. All communications, including the ones with Dynamics RMS, are encrypted for secure transactions.

Dynamics RMS Integration

Sell your store inventory online and streamline order fulfillment with integration with Dynamic RMS system. The integration not only improves efficiency but also improves the customer shopping experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Stay updated and informed about what is working and what is not working in your business with Google analytics and several other useful reports (sales report, abandoned shopping cart, etc.).

Managed Hosting and Support

Remain focused on things most important to your business and let us manage the technical things for you. With our ecommerce experts you will always find help round the corner.

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Become a Global Brand

Do not limit yourself to the physical location of your retail stores. With Instant eCommerce you can now leverage the power of eCommerce to establish yourself as a global brand with little incremental effort. The integrated eCommerce solution not only enables you to acquire new customers but also gives your existing customers an opportunity to stay associated with your brand without visiting your brick-and-mortar store.

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS - Become a Global Brand | i95Dev
Efficient Inventory Management | eCommerce and ERP Integration | i95Dev

Efficient Inventory Management

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS increases sales by helping you manage your inventory better. With options like buy online pick up in store, buy in store deliver online, etc. you can now better plan your order fulfillment process, source inventory for an alternate location, drive customer loyalty and more.

Integrated Marketing & Loyalty Systems

With an integrated view of all customers, your sales and marketing teams can now run targeted promotions and marketing campaigns targeting both your online and in-store customers. You can also drive store visits by notifying them about new products, upcoming sales and more. Further, with integrated loyalty systems you can reward your customers for being loyal to your brand and not a channel within your brand.

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS - Integrated Marketing and Loyalty Systems | i95Dev
Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS - Omni-Channel Experience | i95Dev

Provide Omni-Channel Experience

Every business likes to tap into any opportunity that will get them closer to their customers, but managing additional channels as standalone systems and controlling the user experience across each channel is resource intensive (time and money) and not sustainable. With Instant eCommerce, you can not only manage these channels very easily but also control the user experience with little incremental effort. You can further extend this solution to include other channels like online marketplaces, social media, etc.


Increased Sales

Improved Customer Service

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

Efficient Returns Management

Better Inventory Rotation

Improved Margins

Competitive Advantage

Improved Operational Efficiency

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