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May 9, 2013

JQTouch Makes Creating
Applications Easier

Author Jeremy Meyer
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In today’s technologically-savvy world, the use of mobile devices is becoming more prevalent. This is why it is so important to make use of a mobile framework to provide your customers with the options they desire. While it used to be required to create native applications for all platforms, the technology today allows for apps that can be used on many platforms. The use of jQTouch, a jQuery plug-in, allows you to create apps easily, offering the options of native applications, automatic navigation and themes for various mobile WebKit browsers, such as iPhone, G1 and Pre.

What is jQTouch?
In general terms, jQTouch is a jQuery plug-in that is used to transform websites into sites that work more like an app than a website. This makes the website native and user-friendly for new and current customers. This extension of jQuery allows for the easy creation of iPhone applications that use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create animations and touch events. All you need to do is create the app, compile it with PhoneGap and submit it to the Apple Store.

JQTouch offers native animations, automatic navigation and themes that help you build applications that support touch events. These applications can run in full-screen mode, including customized icons and startup screens.

There are many libraries and frameworks available, but jQTouch is one of the easiest to implement and launch. This framework is built with the popular jQuery library. Therefore, if you are familiar with this library, you will have an easy time working with jQTouch. This is an extension of jQuery, which means all the standard jQuery syntax and methods will work.

JQTouch offers the following features:

  • Touch-Based Events – Create touch-based events, such as finger swipes and pinching.
  • Orientation – Automatically determines if the screen is in landscape or portrait.
  • Advanced Web Applications – Easily build a web application using the jQuery library.
  • Different Themes – Choose from a variety of themes, including custom and built-in themes.

jQuery Mobile and Mobile Applications
JQuery Mobile is an HTML5-based, touch-optimized user interface system that is one of the most popular methods of creating mobile applications for businesses and other purposes. This is because this format is compatible with many smartphones and tablets for the greatest reach without having to spend more money on mobile application development. If you are already familiar with the use of jQuery, jQuery Mobile is easy to use and makes the development of applications faster.

With all the mobile devices people use to access the Internet and interact with businesses, it is important for many businesses to consider mobile application development. If you are considering mobile app development for your business, contact i95Dev to learn more about the use of jQTouch and jQuery Mobile to create an app that will work on a majority of devices, allowing you to reach a majority of your customers.

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