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To bring the B2B offline experience to B2B eCommerce, features like credit limits an net terms are vital. There are a lot of interdependencies on other features to make them work. Our team is adept at providing these features seamlessly to B2B players and derive the value from their platform.

Key benefits of working with us are:

  • Experience in handling B2B requirements,
  • Consultative approach to solve your business challenges,
  • Comprehensive service portfolio i.e. get all the help you need in one place
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Key Solutions for B2B eCommerce

You need unique solutions to address the challenges of B2B eCommerce.

Account management for B2B buyers

B2B eCommerce companies need flexibility in terms of who places the order. This involves specific workflows and security features. This is vital for B2B eCommerce operations right from the first day of operations.

Customer specific pricing

Pricing in a B2B eCommerce is dynamic and in most cases, varies based on quantity. This feature is vital, as it will encourage the end user to buy more and in turn spend more. This has a direct impact on revenue of the B2B players.

Customized to your needs

In addition to popular features and workflows, every B2B business has specific needs. Solutions for these needs heavily influence the success of the respective business. The platform too, must be able to adapt to these custom needs.

Enhanced payment management

Given the flexibility in order management, payments process must be able to handle complicated workflows. The eCommerce platform must be flexible enough to let the child (as in parent-child account) entities pay, while the amount is billed to the parent account.

Critical Features

User experience in B2B translates to allowing users to get around the eStore with minimum effort. Emphasis, in this case, is on making it easy for end users to order frequently with ease.

B2B eCommerce players operate in volumes. This increases their dependency on warehouses. If there are challenges like having warehouse close to customers, B2B eCommerce players must be able to manage their warehouses seamlessly.

Sales process is tightly coupled with the B2B eCommerce workflow. Sales team contributes to success of B2B eCommerce. The B2B eCommerce workflow must be coupled with B2B sales process.

Benefits of the right Magento Agency

build efficient process

Build efficient process

You need the right agency to build the right process. You tend to face new and complicated problems as your business grows. Your success lies in mitigating these challenges. The right agency with experience in handling B2B challenges can help you create a seamless process.

super order

Make it super easy to order

Make it easy for your customers to place order. Let them order at any time of the day. No matter what obstruction your customers have, you can design a process to help them overcome it and place the order. This comes of out of experience helping other B2B players do the same.


Leverage on new and exciting promotions

Offers and discounts aid in convincing the customers spend more. One of the most popular way to do it is to give volume discounts, while it is not the only one. Your agency should be able to help you bring these offers to life with minimum efforts.

seamless automation

Bring seamless automation to your process management

Seamless automation is the order of the day. Most of your B2B customers are B2C customers to the likes of Amazon in their personal capacity. This clearly means that they are comparing your eStore’s experience with that of Amazon. This is not possible without automation. Your agency should be capable of bringing that experience to your store.

great user experience

Give a great user experience to your customers

While the personal touch is great for B2B transaction and cannot be replaced, an intuitive B2B store is the next best thing. A well built system can actually complement your sales team’s offline conversations. This is a key aspect an agency should be able to help you with. This differentiates an awesome growth partner with a subpar agency.

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