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Sell the way the buyer likes it

Shift in consumer behavior and technology-driven innovation are causing CPG brands to create experiences that are
more appealing, less time consuming, and highly personalized. This requires embracing the act of bringing together
the presence on multiple channels as one form of commerce – omnichannel eCommerce!

Go to market quickly with
Magento eCommerce

Go Direct-to-Consumer

Directly respond to customers’ delivery and commerce expectations.

Automate Order Processing

Fulfill orders from multi channels, just the way your customers want.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Centralize consumer data to develop personalized sales strategies and deliver relevant picks and promotions.

B2B and B2C eCommerce on a Single Platform

Customize the buying experience that caters to both B2B and B2C audience.

Enhanced CPG Supply Chain Operations

Modern supply chain operations strategy customer that delivers on customer expectations.

Design a Fast-Selling Online Store Now

Streamline eCommerce operations
with ERP integration solutions

An integrated eCommerce system is what every consumer goods business
needs to maximize cross channel customer engagement
and streamline business operations.

How integrated eCommerce helps

CPG business?

Better Customer

Cost Savings of Automation

Synchronize Customer Records and Inventory

Shorten Order Cycle Time and Shipping

Partnering with i95Dev, Gourmet Egypt was able to streamline its processes, internal
and customer-facing, using extensions and automation powered by Magento 2.
This resulted in


increase in sales over the previous


decrease in spam/junk traffic than before


improvement in page load time

A solution unifying your eCommerce and back-end operations opens up a world of opportunities from a sales, marketing, and customer-facing perspective.

  1. Flexible buying journey
  2. Accurate tracking of customer interactions
  3. Tailored buying experiences
  4. Real-time product updates
  5. Convenient exchanges and returns

Combatting the #COVID19 with an omnichannel strategy

During times of uncertainty, customers need the reassurance that essentials
are in stock and realistic ship date. With unified and integrated eCommerce,
establish ways to reassure customers about order fulfillment while letting
customers track their deliveries across channels.

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