October 4, 2012

Need Higher Sales? Integrate Magento
with Salesforce CRM Today!

Author Victor Achilles
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In today’s competitive world, it can be difficult to keep increasing your sales. The various competitors in each industry make shopping cart abandonment a real threat. Customers either have buyer’s remorse or they decide to look elsewhere with just a few clicks of their mouse to find a better price or a better deal on shipping. eCommerce stores also need to find ways to generate new business through new leads, as well as encouraging previous customers to purchase from your store again. All these factors make it vital for every eCommerce store to have top-of-the-line customer service. This is all possible by integrating one of the highest quality eCommerce platforms, Magento with Salesforce CRM.
It can be difficult for businesses to incorporate top-quality customer service, marketing and vital reports seamlessly, especially when you run more than one web store. Magento integration with Salesforce CRM allows the management of all front and back-end customer service responsibilities to be taken care of with one source. This eliminates wasted time and resources, essentially saving your company money, while effectively increasing sales.
Satisfied customers are what your company strives to achieve because they are the driving force behind successful sales. When you integrate Magento with Salesforce CRM, you can increase the transfer of data between systems, allowing your customer service to reach new heights. Salesforce CRM will allow you to offer promotions, discounts and various other offers that will effectively increase your traffic and sales.
Integrating Magento with Salesforce CRM is one of the best ways to increase your sales by great numbers. i95Dev has extensive experience in integrating the two systems to provide eCommerce stores with unbelievable abilities to increase traffic and sales. Contact i95Dev today to see just how we can help you take your business to a new level.

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