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July 3, 2014

Quick Orders for
Faster Order Capture

Author Russell
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You surely would have heard about Magento Order Entry solution umpteen times, but that is not the end of it. We are excited to share that i95Dev have accelerated the order placement process even further, by empowering your customers with a quick stress-free checkout experience. We term it Quick Orders and as the name suggests it expedites the process and brings in more happy customers for you. Quick Orders not only make things simpler, but also allows the customer the satisfaction of complete control over his order placement procedure.
Irrespective of whether you are a registered user or not, you can gladly use i95Dev’s “Quick Orders” feature. Merchants have an option to bring the feature as a link to the homepage of the web store for even greater visibility and ease of navigation as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Click the Quick Order link to open up the form as mentioned in the above picture. Enter the search criteria or insert text on the “Name” textbox in the form to populate the order with the line items. The Quick Order list is created by the customer or the sales rep on behalf of the customer.

Quick Order form comprises of selected product name, quantity ordered and the price of the respective product as shown in the screenshot below.

Inserting wrong text on the “Name” textbox in the form to populate the order with the line items will lead to no results as shown in the screenshot below.

Customers can add more items in the form and specify the quantity. Once the desired items are added in the Quick Order form, the items can be added to the Cart as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Successful adding of selected Quick Order items in the Cart is confirmed as highlighted below.

Once the selected items are added in the cart successfully, you can view the items by clicking in the “MY CART” button on the top right hand corner. All the selected items with respective quantities added in the Quick Order form is reflected in the Cart as shown below.

Quick Order feature reduces the number of clicks required to place an order, eliminating the need to choose line items individually through the SKU lookup. Quick Orders excludes the compulsion to browse the store catalog for shopping thereby saving time and increases customer satisfaction by letting your customers have a view of their shopping cart while shopping.

How i95Dev can help?

Customers today are busy than ever before and understanding the present day customer needs, we at i95Dev have come up with Quick Orders feature which eases the checkout process and saves time. With many such compelling features in our bag, we promise to help you excel in your business. To Know more, please feel free to connect us at or give us a call at 301.760.7499.

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