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A Ready Reckoner to
Mobile Commerce Fundamentals

Is your business ready to embrace the needs of a customer who is always online and shopping on the go?

According to internetretailer, mobile commerce in the U.S. is growing nearly 2.58 times faster than total eCommerce sales and accounts for nearly one-third of all U.S. eCommerce sales. The stats are even more staggering in the other parts of the world with mobile commerce in Asian markets growing 6.4 times faster, in European markets growing 1.82 times faster, and in Latin America growing at 1.54 times faster than that in the U.S.

Mobile as a medium can no longer be ignored. To help you take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile in eCommerce, i95Dev has consolidated the learning from projects across clients from various industries into the eBook – A Ready Reckoner to Mobile Commerce Fundamentals.

The eBook will help you understand

The developments that lead to the rising popularity of mobile commerce.
What differences between eCommerce and mobile commerce that you should make a note of.
What best practices you should adopt for mobile commerce.
What challenges lie ahead on the path of mobile commerce.

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