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Magento Commerce Integration With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Systematic integration of systems is at the core of helping businesses cope with challenges of expansion and scalability of resources with rising revenues.

While sales operations can be smooth with a robust Magento e-commerce store, backed by a dynamics GP ERP package, the need to integrate these two systems is critical. Particularly for a mid-sized business, growth is a constant feature which demands attention followed by action, because every single change impacts the systems in use, in one way or another.

To offload the cumbersome task of tracking changes, a structured integration plan that brings together both the e-store and the ERP systems is essential to arrest operational issues.

Mid-sized companies can then shift focus on to real issues of expansion, deployment of additional resources etc. i95dev Magento GP connect is a feature rich plugin that carries out effective Magento commerce and Dynamics GP integration and is available in different versions to suit your exact requirement.

With this white paper you will take home-

  • Challenges encountered while managing mid-sized businesses
  • Backend management with ERP
  • Benefits of Magento e-commerce
  • The need for Integration
  • Highlights of i95dev Magento GP connect

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