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March 6, 2014

Soup your Sales with
Magento & NAV Integration

Author VV Richards
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is possibly one of the most flexible Enterprise Resource Planning solution available and used more widely than any other Dynamics ERP solution to manage finances, stock and distribution in-store. The cost-effective ERP solution is easily adapted to specialized industries enabling business to allow full customization tailored to their specific needs. If you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP system but want to expand your business worldwide by establishing an online presence through the means of an online store, you will need a way to connect your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with online WebStore to experience real time integration and automatic updates.

Need of Magento & NAV Integration

When launching a Web store, you likely will see the necessity of linking your two otherwise separate systems – e-commerce and ERP. Though there are many choices, Magento is considered by retailers and wholesalers to be one of the top e-commerce platforms because of its easy customization and flexibility. Magento offers a  wide variety of extensions to completely customize the end user’s experience. Best practices have shown that these two systems – e-commerce and ERP – need to be able to work together to have a seamless operation, especially since your web store is open 24 hours a day. This is where integration between both the systems is crucial for your business.

Integration Features

  • Customers – Customers’ data is synchronized with the same information in both systems when a new customer is created in Magento or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Products –Simply automates the input of all products in both the system .Information like Product name and description ,Product SKU, Prices, Images is entered and updated in both the system their by allowing you to save money over time.
  • Inventory-Real time inventory updates simplifies the process of reconciling inventories from one or many location, providing you greater visibility into potential stock-out or overstock situations.
  • Order Processing– Whenever a new order is placed, order details are automatically synced from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Magento allowing customers to access the order form either point of entry.

Benefits of Integration

  • Real-time customer and ordering analytics afford a 360-degree view for your business
  • Automated syndication of product information and inventory reduces labor costs associated with redundant manual entry.
  • Greater inventory accuracy and customer responsiveness helps increase satisfaction levels
  • Streamlined B2B ordering and fulfillment increases business customers’ loyalty
  • Greater Control of Order & Inventory prevents inventory build-up or stock-out
  • Access to new markets increases brand/product exposure and results in increased sales.

This integration can then further be extended to other channels using host of connectors offered by i95Dev to integrate Magento with systems like third- party market places (eBay/ Amazon), CRM, ERP, POS and other B2B modules like Sales Quote, Salesperson, out of stock items etc. This integrated system will convert your multichannel environment to an Omni-channel solution.

How i95dev can help?

To know more about Magento Integration with NAV please free to contact to at: or give us a call at 301.760.7499. Our team of well experienced and well trained professionals will be more than happy to serve you at your convenience.

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