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The power of
Adobe Experience Cloud

Commerce Cloud

With the power of unified eCommerce,
Business Intelligence and fulfilment, make
every shopping experience an
unforgettable one.

Adobe Target

Deploy AI-powered omnichannel
automation at scale besides A/B
and multivariate testing.

Adobe Campaign Manager

Create omnichannel marketing campaigns
with real-time coordination and customer
journey creation.

Adobe Analytics

Not just data, Adobe Analytics helps unveil
business insights that help in marketing
and cross-channel promotions.

Adobe Audience Manager

With a smart data management platform,
create the right audience using
segmentation and real-time action.

Adobe Content Management

Enrich personalisation with Adobe
Experience Manager through digital asset
management and forms.

  • Multi-channel for Increased Sales
    Reach out to customers across multiple platforms with centralised store management.
  • Get Discovered
    Leverage the power of Search Engine Optimisation and get top rankings on relevant keywords with EGE’s robust content management platform.
  • Cross-sell and Upsell Easily
    i95Dev’s EGE Advanced Marketing and Promotion Tools help increase profitability and enhance customer experience by enabling custom coupons and product recommendations, translating to better conversions.
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Multiple Payments & Shipping Options
    Empower customers with the choice of over 90+ payment gateways and their numerous shipping options.
  • Efficient Returns Management
    Automate information sync with ERP systems and effectively manage returns. EGE also allows you to convert returns into future sales by offering store credits for return orders.
  • Safe Shopping Experience
    Magento is PA-DSS compliant and encrypts data, including all system communications with Dynamics ERP systems, for secure transactions.
  • Streamline Order Fulfillment
    Streamline business processes and efficiently manage inventory with Dynamics ERP integration. i95Dev’s EGE seamlessly synchronizes all customer, product, and order information on a centralised dashboard for ease of access and uniformity.
  • Consistent Product Information
    Extend a seamless multi-channel shopping experience by centrally managing product information on a single system.
  • Unified Customer Information
    Deliver a better customer experience by accessing all relevant customer information such as order history, payment, returns, invoices, on a single platform.
  • Avoid Overselling
    Efficiently manage inventory and avoid overselling products with i95Dev EGE’s seamless inventory sync with Dynamics ERP system. Better manage customer expectations by displaying real-time notifications for out-of-stock products, automatically raise a request for replenishment, and more.
  • Orders & Invoices Sync
    Minimise order ageing by automating order movement from purchase to ERP and shipping, without any manual intervention. Keep customers informed on order and fulfilment status.
  • Credit Limits & Tier Prices Sync
    Offer customised shopping experience by offering special prices and credit purchase, in sync with accounting and fulfilment systems.
  • Reward Points
    Set and manage incentives to reward your customers with Magento’s powerful and easy-to-use reward system.
  • Exclusive Shopping Experience
    Create exclusive, invite-only shopping experiences for most-valuable customers with Magento Enterprise features such as Private Sales.
  • Automated Email Reminders
    Increase conversions and retention rate by customising email reminders based on shopping frequency, cart value, quantity and more. Also, leverage EGE to send abandoned cart reminders.
  • Prompt Return Visits with Wish Lists
    Enable wish lists on user-profiles and create relevant promotions to trigger purchases.
  • Gift Cards
    Bring new customers to your e-store and build customer loyalty with gift registries and gift cards.
  • Convert Returns to Store Credits
    Offer store credits on return orders to increase sales and boost return visits.
  • Automate quote to cart
    Negotiate and convert quotes dynamically with EGE’s ability to create, modify and approve sales quotes.
  • Sales Person Module
    Manage sales team, commissions and assign customers by enabling Sales Person Module. Empower sales team with relevant information to better close deals.
  • Manage B2B Customers with National Accounts
    Manage complex B2B customer relationships like multiple buyers from a single company by establishing parent-child relationships between the company and buyers; adjust the payments received from the parent company against invoices outstanding from child customers to reassign credit documents.
  • Better Manage Payments
    EGE’s Credit Limits, Net Terms and Bill Pay modules allow managing complex payment processes online with seamless information sync with ERP systems.
  • Convenient Reordering
    Allow customers to build a reusable list of items which can be saved and used to create orders at a later date.
  • Layered Navigation
    i95Dev EGE’s advanced layered navigation facilitates the ease of finding the right product beyond traditional searches.
  • Multi-Address Checkout
    Enhance customer experience by allowing to ship items to multiple addresses from a single location.
  • Process Orders Partially
    Create multiple shipments and invoices for the same order with the flexibility to better manage inventory with available products.
  • Auto Payment Capture
    Process more orders by automating the shipment process, payment capture and invoice generation.
  • Enhanced Flexibility with Order Edit
    i95Dev EGE’s order edit add-on extends the Magento functionality to allow order edits while syncing the information back to the ERP systems.
  • Dynamic Product Catalog
    Organise inventory by product groups, sorting options and other dynamic variables to better target customer segments by product types.
  • Higher Conversions with Custom Landing Pages
    Leverage the flexibility fo Magento’s dynamic and easy to use CMS to create custom landing pages to drive better conversions and test different pages for optimisation.
  • Optimized for Performance
    Magento’s architecture and advanced features like full-page caching and persistent bandwidth help improve page loading times besides the feasibility to support tens of thousands of transactions per hour to ensure a seamless shopping experience.
  • Custom Development
    i95 Dev’s EGE allows for seamless, scalable customisations that are tailored to meet your business goals and requirements.
  • Help is Always Round the Corner
    With i95Dev you can remain focused on things most important to your business, your customers. We are here to ensure seamless eCommerce for you.
  • Constant Innovation
    With an active partner and developer community, you have access to hundreds of apps and extensions (free and paid) to extend functionalities of your eCommerce store.