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January 19, 2021

Top 4 benefits of Integrated eCommerce
for B2B Companies

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If you have been running B2B online commerce for a good long time now or you have been planning to do so, you must be aware of the essential backend systems and software such as ERP and others that work together to put up the show. In the absence of these existing systems, it is impossible to maintain the online day-to-day operations. 

For making these systems work seamlessly, integrating them rightly is important. In other words, ERP integrated eCommerce is crucial to the success of a B2B online store.

Being a B2B company, do you wish to increase your revenue? 

It is but obvious, you do!

The basic rule of economics states – The more you sell, the more revenue you generate! According to a survey, there were close to 1.9 billion digital buyers in the year 2019. In 2021, the numbers are expected to grow to a whopping 2.19 billion, which is one-fourth of the global population.

For staying in competition and benefitting from those 2.19 billion buyers, you need an advanced eCommerce set up. To be precise, an integrated eCommerce solution!   

Here are top 4 benefits of integrated eCommerce for B2B companies across the globe:

Provides exceptional customer experience

With the help of an integrated eCommerce solution, you can save the trouble of exerting mind-numbing back-end maintenance and shift your focus to offering your customers a premium, personalised experience. Your sales team can channelize its energies towards providing better customer service rather than handling the manual entries. What’s more, your sales representatives have complete access to real-time customer insights at any given place and time. 

Integrated eCommerce empowers your employees to offer a unified customer experience across multiple channels. In addition, it enables customer self-service with fool proof, trustworthy information provided round the clock. It takes the user interface to the next level where your customers interact with your online store so intimately that you are able to create customer-specific pricing and catalogs, mark their warehouse preferences, and identify their preferred currencies and transactional channels. 

Helps B2B companies to earn additional revenue

Integrated eCommerce solutions have proved to be revolutionary for B2B companies as they are generating additional revenue by selling directly to end-consumers. Path-breaking features such as custom pricing data in your online store, product catalog being updated automatically, and reducing human errors while processing orders, have changed the game drastically.     

The B2B companies are benefiting substantially from integrated eCommerce as the end-customers are enjoying the smooth user interface of the upgraded eCommerce platform and taking back home an outstanding shopping experience. According to a survey, more than half of the world’s manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers are already making huge profits after opting for an integrated eCommerce solution.   

Streamlines online B2B sales process

Integrated eCommerce has the ability to streamline online B2B sales processes. 


The simple reason being – With integrated eCommerce, any data/information that is modified in your ERP is reflected on your online store in real-time. This means you just have to spend time maintaining information in a single, centralised system.

Furthermore, an integrated eCommerce solution reduces errors that crop up in the order completion process to negligible.   


The simple reason being – It prevents all data entry errors that might otherwise lead to selling items that are not available in the inventory or wrongly priced.   

Offers better shipping options

With integrated eCommerce, B2B buyers have the option of selecting their own shipping strategies on the basis of parameters such as lower costs and quicker deliveries. 

From complex split shipping to global locations, integrated eCommerce provides automated management of shipping to multiple locations. In addition, for different locations, B2B buyers have the option of choosing different shipping methods. 

Confused about which integrated eCommerce solution to go with?

i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine is a feature rich multi-channel integrated eCommerce solution, powered by Magento, for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems. The solution helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors drive sales and establish themselves as a global brand; paying not just for itself but for their ERP systems as well.

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