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May 4, 2021

Why Shopify AX Integration Is
Essential For Your Business

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2021 is fast becoming one of the best years for eCommerce stores despite the slowdown speculations made, and the digitization drives are going strong as well. This has attracted a lot of businesses to start their online selling journey, and the stay-at-home lifestyle also inspired numerous aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Shopify happens to be one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platforms, and today we will discuss why you should go for Shopify-AX integration. Dive in deeper to know more.

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Why Shopify Stores Need ERP Integrations

Shopify has a lot of wonderful inbuilt features that make eCommerce simple for beginners, but as your business outgrows your capacity to manage operations manually, it becomes necessary to implement an automation solution. Without an ERP system, all work aspects such as accepting orders, maintaining inventory records, generating taxation and compliance documents, managing customer requests, processing returns, and confirming payment receipts become difficult to manage.

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In order to maintain the sustainability of operations and keep the bottom line intact, eCommerce store owners need to automate their core business processes as well as a few supporting processes. This helps them focus better on their business instead of getting carried away by the clerical workload. An ERP solution helps synchronize all activities carried out as a part of your eCommerce store’s operations and deliver common objectives efficiently. Shopify store owners can benefit immensely due to ERP solutions’ ability to bring all third-party apps and core services under one umbrella.

Why Microsoft Dynamics AX Is The Best ERP Solution For Shopify Powered eCommerce Stores
Among all ERP solutions available, Microsoft Dynamics AX enjoys a special place due to its versatility despite being an enterprise-grade solution that can cater to a global organization. Its interface is quite lucid and intuitive, while the core system also makes implementation quite faster. This also helps businesses quickly evaluate its benefits. With global eCommerce coming back to normalcy, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best solution to tap the rising opportunities. It is also well suited to align with the capabilities offered by Shopify’s platform. Thus, integrating the two can help store owners take full advantage of their features, acting in synergy with each other.

Benefits Of Integrating Your Shopify Store With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Talking about the benefits of integrating your Shopify store, we can broadly divide them into operational, logistical, and architectural. Let us have a better look at the advantages of Shopify-Dynamics AX integration:

Seamless Data Visibility and Operational Efficiency
ERP integration increases operational efficiency and eliminates the need for manual data entry. This supports bidirectional data exchange and centralized processing and data storage capabilities. It also eliminates duplication of work, and the integrated database serves as a single source of truth to run all operations. These data sets are used by all modules to carry out their respective functions, making the combined solution fully interoperable.

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High Scalability And Flexibility
One of the biggest benefits of integration is harnessing the resultant scalability and flexibility. It allows you to accommodate any number of orders, automation workflows, market places, fulfillment locations, third-party app integrations, and payment channels. Thus, you can upscale or downscale your operations as required. You can also modify the system as per evolving situations, giving your Shopify-powered eCommerce store an upper edge.

Automation Of Core Business Processes
All activities falling under core business processes for an eCommerce store like inventory control, warehousing, order processing, shipping tracking, procurement, marketing, and accounting are fully automated. ERP integration also helps manual processes like order picking by generating picklist reports that help your warehouse staff. It will also help your HR department by auto-calculating salary components, including reimbursements. This ultimately results in the smooth running of operations with minimal requirement of supervision over individual job functions.

i95Dev’s Shopify-AX Connector
To avail all of the benefits mentioned above, you will need to implement a middleware solution like i95Dev’s Shopify-AX Connector. It facilitates the data transfer between your eCommerce store’s frontend (Shopify platform) and the backend ( Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP ) by acting as a connecting bridge.

Wrap Up

As we saw above, there are numerous advantages of integrating your Shopify store with Dynamics AX. However, they are based on the architectural design of the integrated solution and hence it is necessary to choose a seasoned and technically sound vendor. At i95Dev, we have an experienced team of technocrats working on Shopify-Dynamics integration projects for global enterprises. 

If you are planning to upgrade your ERP to Dynamics 365, we can definitely help you integrate your Shopify/ Shopify Plus eCommerce store with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations or Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP systems.

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