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July 3, 2017

51 Amazing eCommerce
Stats You Must Know Today

Author Matt
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Every year Americans, all around the world, ring in 4th of July festivities with all fervor, and the Independence Day this year is no different. On July 4, 1776, the founding fathers of America signed the declaration of independence that gave birth to a great nation that stood for liberty and freedom.
The USA is home to the highest number of billionaires and is rated among the most entrepreneurial nations. What makes America great are its entrepreneurs – people who are a living example of the American Dream.
Do you know what you have in common with them? You share the same passion – to live the American Dream. Internet penetration and e-commerce explosion have made way for a new breed of entrepreneurs, including greats like Jeff Bezos and Andy Dunn.
You, the entrepreneurs of the nation, fight failure and uncertainty every day to live the American Dream. On this day, we at i95Dev present to you an infographic – 51 E-commerce Stats for the 4th Of July, that will hopefully help e-commerce entrepreneurs like you understand how the world of e-commerce is growing, and what they can do to plan their operations better.
The stats are categorized under the following categories:

  • E-commerce growth in the USA
  • Cart abandonment in US e-commerce market.
  • Mobile e-commerce statistics
  • E-commerce shopping based on age
  • E-commerce shopping based on size of the city
  • E-commerce shopping based on the locations users prefer
  • Revenue from e-commerce of some major American companies
  • Social e-commerce
  • E-commerce statistics related to conversion rates
  • B2B e-commerce stats

We helped a number of e-commerce clients live the American Dream and are eager to help others. Happy July the 4th, Happy Selling.

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