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Frequently Asked Questions

How is i95Dev's Integrated eCommerce different from other eCommerce solutions?

i95Dev’s, Integrated eCommerce solution- Ecommerce Growth Engine (EGE) is a way different from any other solution in the market. Two main areas of differentiation: Read More

Are your connectors certified by the eCommerce platforms that you provide?

Yes, all our connectors Microsoft Dynamics are Magento Certified . Moreover, i95Dev Connectors are also listed on the Magento Marketplace with outstanding customer reviews and prices like no other…. Read More

Can you integrate Magento with my ERP or POS system?

Absolutely, we can integrate Magento with ERP and POS systems seamlessly. We’ve successfully completed 100+ integrations, both for B2B and B2C businesses… Read More

How to select the right Magento development company?

Consider the below to select the right Magento development company:

Expertise: Make sure the Magento Development Company you select holds the expertise requires in the field of eCommerce as well as the industry you serve… Read More

Will the eCommerce platform help in achieving more success when compared to eCommerce marketplaces?

Both, selling on eCommerce marketplaces and on your eStore are profitable. Each one of these has its own advantages and disadvantages… Read More

What does an effective eCommerce site look like?

An effective website is much more than one which visually appeals to customers… Read More

How long does it take to implement your eCommerce platform?

With our kind of expertise and experience in the eCommerce industry for over two decades, your online store goes live in just 8 weeks with no last-minute surprises… Read More

Why should we partner with i95Dev?

i95Dev is a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce needs. Expert in both B2B and B2C businesses. An eCommerce and integration technology partner that empowers businesses across the globe with Magento and its Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration products and much more… Read More

How easily can I add an eCommerce search experience into my web store?

This purely depends on the eCommerce solution you have chosen. Although, many of the online store software solutions have built-in search features… Read More

To what extent can I customize my online store?

It is possible to carry out customizations provided you select SaaS. However, currently, not everything can be customized except the areas of the software that presently have extensions available – shipping, … Read More

What are the product attributes that customers can search for?

Title, color, rich product description, item number and size

Is the tool capable of scanning non-Magento pages on my online store?

Scanning non-Magento pages for vulnerabilities with the help of the Magento Security Scan Tool can lead to unreliable results as it is designed to scan vulnerabilities on Magento domains. Therefore, we recommend you not to use the tool for scanning non-Magento pages.


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