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How is i95Dev’s Integrated eCommerce different from other eCommerce solutions?

i95Dev’s, Integrated eCommerce solution- eCommerce Growth Engine (EGE) is a way different from any other solution in the market.

Two main areas of differentiation:

  • With solutions built native on Microsoft Dynamics, EGE differentiates by:

Extensibility: Being built on the open-source Magento solution, which offers 1000+ add-on applications and an entire community developing and supporting new ones daily.

Agility: EGE can be rapidly adapted to use emerging technologies. Open-source offers a vast developer community.

Multi-Channel: Provides faster and easier access to more channels such as mobile, gateways, marketplaces.

Cost: Open source edition like an enterprise edition at an unbelievably low price.

  • With solutions built on Magento, EGE differentiates by:

Integration: Provides seamless integration between the eCommerce engine and Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, and RMS as well as Dynamics CRM – all out of the box.

Easily configurable, easy to use, rich interactive interface.

Provides real-time view to sales, trends, inventory & company data across diverse non-Microsoft systems


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