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Secure, Scalable, and Multi-channel

eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Create unique and engaging shopping experiences, streamline operations, and drive sales across channels with i95Dev’s integrated eCommerce solution, powered by Magento, for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution helps retailers, Manufacturers, and Distributors reach customers quickly with a fully functional eCommerce store.

Drive Sales and Grow Business

EGE helps you drive sales and growth with a feature-rich eCommerce store and enables you to reach your customers across channels like eBay, Amazon, and more.

Mobile/ PWA
The eCommerce store is mobile responsive and PWA ready.
SEO Friendly
Leverage EGE’s CMS platform and SEO capabilities to drive more traffic.
Expand your reach by integrating with online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.
Marketing Tools
Take advantage of advanced marketing and promotion tools to segment and target your customers better.
Shipping & Payment Options
Reduce cart abandonment with support for multiple shipping and payment options.
Efficient Returns Management
Manage returns seamlessly and convert returns into future sales opportunities with store credits.
Automated Email Reminders
Increase conversions and retention rates by sending personalized abandoned carts and promotional emails.
Safe Shopping Experience
EGE is PA-DSS compliant and encrypts data, including all system communications with backend ERP systems, for secure transactions.

Create Engaging Shopping Experiences

Leverage EGE to create unique and engaging shopping experiences for B2C, B2B, or both B2C and B2B customers. EGE enables you to provide the true omni-channel experience to your customers with centralized customer and order information.

Advanced Quotation
Negotiate and convert quotes dynamically with EGE’s ability to create, modify, and approve sales quotes.
Sales Person
Manage sales team, commissions, assign customers and empower the sales team with relevant information to better close deals.
Customer Accounts
Manage customer hierarchies and complex relationships, credit usage, payments, and more, easily.
Credit Limits, Net Terms, & Bill Pay
EGE’s Credit Limits, Net Terms, and Bill Pay modules allow managing complex payment processes online seamlessly.
Multi-address Checkout
Enhance customer experience by allowing to ship items to multiple addresses from a single location.
Advanced Search & Navigation
Leverage elastic search and advanced layered navigation facilitate the ease of finding the right product beyond traditional searches.
Split Shipment & Payments
Create multiple shipments and invoices for the same order with the flexibility to better manage inventory with available products.

Optimize Operations

The integrated eCommerce solution eliminates the need for unproductive, repetitive, and error-prone manual tasks by automating data sync with your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system. Thereby helping you reduce operational overheads, improve margins, and increase employee productivity.

Customers Sync
Improve customer satisfaction with centralized customer information and self-service customer portals.
Product Sync
Reduce information discrepancies and product information management overhead with centralized product information management.
Pricing Sync
Leverage complex pricing rules defined in your ERP to provide personalized pricing to customers across channels.
Inventory Sync
Build trust and manage inventory better across channels by leveraging inventory in your ERP system.
Orders Sync
Minimize order aging and streamline order fulfillment by automating order sync with the ERP system.
Shipping & Invoices Sync
Keep customers informed and streamline accounting with automated shipping, payment, and invoice sync.

Stay in Control

Stay in control of your business by taking advantage of i95Dev’s exceptional support, platform flexibility, and insights from data across ERP and your online applications.

Quick Deployment
The deployment process optimized for speed, availability, and performance enables you to test and go-to-market quickly.
Dynamic Product Catalog
Make product discovery easy with options to categorize products and create dynamic product catalogs.
Visual Page Editor and Theme Builder
Leverage the flexibility of EGEs dynamic and easy to use CMS to create custom landing pages to drive better conversions.
Post Roll Out Support
Customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile. With EGE, our relationship only begins with your eCommerce store.
Analytics & Reports
Compete in the modern commerce landscape by transforming into and operating as an effective, data-driven commerce organization.

Identify how EGE can help you expand the business and drive growth effectively and efficiently with a free assessment.

The i95Dev Advantage

Leading eCommerce Platform
Leading eCommerce Platform

Powered by Magento, EGE offers flexibility and amazing features out-of-the-box. Coupled with i95Dev’s deployment process, EGE guarantees high availability and superior performance.

Faster Go-to-Market
Faster Go-to-Market

Go live with your integrated eCommerce store for Dynamics 365 Business Central in just a few weeks. EGE is optimized for speed, availability, and performance.

Scalable & Adaptable
Scalable & Adaptable

EGE is a scalable and robust solution that does not limit your business by the number of records you sync with your ERP system.

Future Proof
Future Proof

EGE is futuristic and scales with your business. Packed with features like multi-channel, analytics, and more, it is the only solution you will ever need.

Integration Expertise
Integration Expertise

i95Dev is a leader in Magento and ERP integration. EGE captures i95Dev’s experience across hundreds of integration and customization projects.


i95Dev is a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce needs – from consulting, strategy, and design to development, integration, support, and digital marketing.


Highly customizable integrated eCommerce solution – we work closely with customers to address their business-specific challenges.

Expert Support
Expert Support

Our customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile.

Success Stories

Trail-Gear migrates from proprietary cart to Magento, and leverages i95Dev ERP integration to scale rapidly and efficiently.
Magento Store, ERP Integration

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Rommanel integrates Magento with SAP Business One to streamline order fulfillment, improve inventory management, and reduce data entry errors.
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Siegers Seed Company has over a century of experience in delivering unique and quality seeds to farmers across the USA.
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Industry Leaders
I am amazed by the power of the EGE solution – we are only few weeks into the solution but I am already confident that we have chosen the best possible platform to help us grow our business.
– Joseph Soriano, IT Manager, Siegers Seed.
I do not say this lightly – I can honestly say that finding i95Dev and having the opportunity to work with them has been a blessing to Trail-Gear and to me, personally. We’ve had some very positive feedback about the site from some very important customers. i95Dev has done a tremendous job providing support, instruction, effective and eloquent solutions, problem solving and communication. We still have a long way to go to achieve all of our goals, but i95Dev is proving themselves to be a trusted partner in this endeavor.
– Eric Bako, Technical Head, Trail Gear.
We are very happy with i95Dev and their solution; it has made servicing both B2B and B2C customers and their orders more convenient with greater flexibility. We’ve continued working with their development team to further optimize our digital presence and processes.
– Cody Frisby , E-commerce Manager, Xlear.

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