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Bring scalability and efficiency in your business

with i95Dev Cloud Services

i95Dev Cloud Services help you achieve improved scalability, efficiency, and reliability across all of your environments. Take advantage of our expertise and experience to boost your business advancement and drive your company forward.

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i95Dev Cloud Services



applications on Cloud easily and quickly

Manage & Maintain

existing Cloud infrastructure effectively



existing Cloud setup



to Cloud fast, easily, and seamlessly



Security & Governance of all assets and processes

i95Dev Cloud Services



applications on Cloud easily and quickly


to Cloud fast, easily, and seamlessly

Manage & Maintain

existing Cloud infrastructure effectively


Security & Governance of all assets and processes


existing Cloud setup

i95Dev has expertise and experience working with all major cloud players to speed up your cloud journey.

Streamline your development process and drive quality applications faster and easier where you want and when you want.

Development and testing

Develop products quickly with higher code quality by identifying and fixing errors easily with i95Dev Cloud Services.


Empower your developers to develop faster and repeatedly test to gain a competitive advantage and grow more efficiently.

Content Delivery Network

Deliver outstanding web, video, and commerce experiences globally with i95Dev’s reliable services and take the business to the next level.


Manage fast in-memory cache data effectively to enhance your application performance and drive superior shopping experiences.


i95Dev enables you to closely monitor all your workload performance with purpose-built analytics services specially designed for your use cases.

Cloud Migration

Drive scalability and efficiency to your business with fast, simple, and secure i95Dev’s cloud migration services.

Infrastructure Migration

Leverage i95Dev services to optimize your infrastructure for increased elasticity and enjoy minimized complexity and maintenance costs.

Platform Migration

Use i95Dev platform migration services to save big, improve performance, and enhance user experience.

Database Migration

Have your database migration facilitated and accomplished – choose from our migration options to ensure your databases’ fast and safe transition to the cloud.

Application Migration

Update your current applications and integrate additional services using i95Dev’s competent consultation and assistance.

Manage & Maintain

Effectively monitor, control, and secure your infrastructure and processes with i95Dev services.

Configuration Management

Automatically import configuration scripts, manage PowerShell configurations, and generate node configurations in the cloud. Make use of i95Dev assistance to easily monitor and update machine configurations across clouds.


We can help you collect, store, and analyze data on your applications, infrastructure, and network. Gain valuable insights and trends to enhance your workload performance, processes, and cost-efficiency.

Technical Support

Get our help at every step of your cloud journey. With i95Dev, you get personalized recommendations and consultations to optimize your resources and performance.

Security & Governance

Secure and scale your applications and infrastructure in the Cloud.


Maintain control as you grow. React immediately in case of evolving threats. Protect your workloads, data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud with i95Dev expertise.


Build and scale your applications and achieve your business goals easily with i95Dev’s efficient security management services.

Identity Management

Secure your data and applications with i95Dev Identity Management services. Simplify your signup and sign-in processes and increase user satisfaction.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly business interruptions through our built-in resilience capacities to improve the reliability and availability of your business with i95Dev’s simplified backup and disaster recovery plans.


Free up capital and accelerate your business advancement with i95Dev Cloud Services.

Resource Optimization

Intelligently size and allocate your resources with i95Dev’s competent assistance to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Architecture Optimization

Our Cloud Services gives you the advantage of unlimited scalability so that you can build the best-fit architecture for your applications and workloads and ensure improved performance and efficiency.

Cost Management

We can help you take control of your cloud and optimize your cloud costs and bills. Maximize your savings and use them to drive your company forward.


Support Across Multiple Time-Zones


End-to-end Cloud Services


20+ Years of Industry Experience


Transparent Engagement


Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Support


Extensive Product Development Experience

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Application Development and Migration, Database Migration, Architecture Development, Resource Optimization, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Manage & Maintain
Infrastructure Management, Database Migration, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Performance Management, Security Management, Monitoring and Maintenance
Architecture Development, Application Development, Mobile App Development, Infrastructure Management, Resource Optimization, Performance Management, Security Management, Monitoring and Maintenance, Backup and Disaster Recovery
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i95Dev has been an invaluable asset for Click2Mail for last 8+ years. I love them for their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.
– Jim Boardman , IT Manager, Click2Mail.

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