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The eCommerce Compass: Proven Strategies for
Generating B2B eCommerce Breakthroughs

– By Vanit Kumar

The Founder and CEO of i95dev

What’s in there?

The eCommerce Compass is a complete guide for B2B eCommerce businesses.

It is a great opportunity for merchants to pause and analyze the business deeply, uncover & solve challenges with proven principles and build a future-ready ecosystem.

  • B2B eCommerce – Your Billion Dollar Opportunity
  • The Art of Knowing What You’re Up Against
  • Set Your Compass for the Future
  • “None of Us Is As Smart As All of Us” – Your Most Valuable Asset
  • “Journey Mapping“ Your Way to Results
  • Stand On the Shoulders of Giants
  • Measure What You Treasure
  • “Future Proofing” Your eCommerce Efforts

Who is the book for?

  • B2B and B2C eCommerce merchants
  • Decision makers
  • Aspiring merchants
  • eCommerce enthusiasts
  • Anyone who wants to read quality and actionable book

How will you benefit?

Analyze your business through a unique lens.

Uncover roadblocks on your way to success.

Understand the current situation of your business better.

Collaboratively solve problems across teams.

Better identify and prioritize your goals.

Follow the footprints of eCommerce industry giants.

Learn how to keep track of your success.

Build a future-ready B2B eCommerce ecosystem.

About the Author

Vanit Kumar, the founder, and CEO of i95Dev is a pioneer and an innovator with over two decades of experience in eCommerce, IT, Telecommunications, and Real Estate verticals.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship comes naturally to him, and he has been part of multiple ventures from a very young age.

Leveraging his passion for technology and his problem-solving skills, Vanit has earned countless accolades. This book is a reflection of Vanit’s expertise in providing solutions to complex B2B problems.