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Out of the Box Features for Seamless Integration


Improve relationship with your customers with centralized information made possible by customer information sync between Magento and SAP Business One systems.

Products/ Items

Capture and manage complex product information (description, attributes, prices, categories, and more) from a single system with product information sync.


Better manage inventory and avoid overselling and under selling your products with inventory sync from SAP Business One to Magento system.


Leverage the scalability of your SAP Business One and Magento systems to grow faster by automating order fulfillment process with order sync between the two systems.

Invoices & Payments

Streamline your accounting processes with invoice & payment information sync from your eCommerce store to your SAP Business One ERP system.

Shipping & Others

Delight your customers by automating order status and shipping tracking number updates from your SAP Business One ERP system to Magento eCommerce system.

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Easily Manage and Grow your Business

eCommerce presents businesses with exciting opportunities to acquire new customers, but more often than not businesses delay adopting them because of increased overhead required to manage and maintain an eCommerce store. With Magento SAP Business One Connect, you can leverage the power of the Magento eCommerce cart with little incremental overhead. Moreover, you can further leverage the marketing power (campaigns, SEO, etc.) of the eCommerce store and data in your SAP Business One ERP system to attract more customers with similar needs.

Scale your Business to the Next Level
Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory & Returns Management

With all your inventory and order information consolidated, you can now efficiently manage your inventory and avoid overselling your products. This not only improves the customer experience but also sets the base for improved forecasting and effective demand planning. The Magento eCommerce and SAP Business One integration also enables you to automate and streamline the complex returns process.

Enhance Customer Experience

Magento SAP Business One Connect enables you to build a 360 degree view of your customers by syncing all customer related information (personal information, order history, payments history, returns, outstanding invoices, etc.) between Magento and SAP Business One ERP systems. This consolidated and centralized information empowers your customer service representatives to better service your customers by making all the information available on their fingertips. Moreover, this integrated ecosystem takes your business one step closer to providing your customers the true Omni-channel experience.

i95Dev Magento Dynamics GP Connect Enhance Customer Experience
i95Dev Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Magento SAP Business One integration eliminates unproductive, repetitive and manual tasks improving productivity, decreasing costs and lets your resources focus on things which really matter. The automated information exchange also improves the operational efficiency by reducing the number of errors (common in manual data transfers) and enables you to streamline business processes. With the new found efficiency, you can now get more done (process more orders, improve customer service, etc.) with the same resources.


Cost Effective


Improves Customer Satisfaction

Minimize Order Aging

Gain Competitive Edge

Become a Global Brand

Informed Sales

Enables Omni-channel Experience

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