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Rommanel, just like its jewelry,

shines even brighter after the integration with i95Dev.

Rommanel, a Brazilian company, is a leading manufacturer and retailer of clad jewelry for more than 30 years. Rommanel sells a diversified line of more than 3,000 unique models through over 250 stores across Brazil and many independent consultants spread across 20 countries, including the USA and Canada.



The goal was to overcome all the challenges Rommanel faced due to the lack of efficiency and integration between SAP Business One and Magento systems. Major goals are:

  • Streamlining the Shipping Process and Automate Order Fulfillment
  • Manage Inventory Better
  • Enhancing sales and other transactional tax compliance solutions


i95Dev engaged with Rommanel and its eCommerce partner to discover the day-to-day operational challenges. i95Dev’s discovery process unfolded many loopholes which Rommanel team themselves were not aware of. It presented a clear picture of its business needs, essential changes to be made, and custom requirements.

Considering all the issues Rommanel faced, i95Dev suggested going for integration between its eCommerce platform Magento and SAP Business One ERP system.

i95Dev deployed its integration product: Magento and SAP Business One Connect, which was the best suite that could solve all the problems.


Rommanel is reaping the benefits of synced systems. It has eliminated all the critical discrepancies and miscommunication in the business processes.
The integration has made flawless shipping progressions and automated order fulfillment completely.

Inventory management has been better since the integration has brought transparency between the two systems.
All the tax compliance and transactional aspects run spotless.

The management can now focus on better sales and marketing strategies, as all operational challenges no longer exist.

A glance at implementation


i95Dev team went beyond to make the project a success. Their communication was excellent, and I got replies to all my & client questions. Without i95Dev and their team, we could not have completed the project. They completely changed my understanding of project management in IT. I won’t do better even for myself. We will always consider them as a partner for such kind of projects.” Thank you!

– Kyle Larin, Ecommerce Project Manager, Absolute Web.

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