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Omni-channel eCommerce Solution

for Fashion and Apparel Businesses looking to create differentiated shopping experiences

Are you a fashion retailer, distributor, or manufacturer looking for an eCommerce store that will enable you to create unique, engaging, and consistent shopping experiences across multiple channels? Your search ends with i95Dev.

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We understand our needs like no one else

eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented pace in the fashion industry. The global fashion eCommerce market size is expected to touch US$ 1207.23 billion by 2025. Are you a fashion and apparel enterprise seeking long-term success with digital commerce? i95Dev can help you build your brand by fostering innovative methods of customer acquisition (multi-channel sales), managing inventory seamlessly (ERP/ POS integration), and more.

Superior Product Showcasing

Leverage images, videos, 360-degree views, color swatches and Lookbooks to drive engagement and minimize returns. You can do this while centralizing product & inventory information in your ERP/ PIM system with eCommerce integration.

AI-powered Search

Simplify product discovery with suggestions basis search history, autocorrect & autocomplete search queries, multi-faceted navigations and more with AI-powered search.

Multi-channel Sales

Increase reach and drive sales by selling across multiple channels including physical stores, eCommerce, and online marketplaces. Encourage cross-channel engagement with options like BOPS or curb-side pick-up, buy in store and return online, and more.

Social Commerce

Drive traffic, customer engagement, and sales effortlessly from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms through seamless eCommerce integration. This enables you to take advantage of influencer engagement and user generated content (UGC) effortlessly.

Other important features

Assisted Shopping

Provide assistance and minimize returns by sharing additional information where required – like sizing guide, virtual try outs, and more.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Drive sales by leveraging product relations to enable cross-selling and up-selling and provide recommendations with relevant and ‘could be paired’ products.


Track user behaviour efficiently across channels and leverage AI-powered recommendation tools to personalize customer shopping experiences and drive CLTV.

User Generated Content

Encourage customers to share UGC by empowering them with functionality to become influencers, write reviews, and recommend styles/ products.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Automate purchase orders and forecast inventory better by centralizing inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations with automated ERP/ POS integration.

Marketing Automation

Segment your customers based on purchasing habits, demographics, preferences, and more and target them with personalized offers (like flash sales) at scale.

i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine is a pre-packaged ERP integrated eCommerce solution that enables Fashion and Apparel businesses like you to give shape to your eCommerce vision quickly.

Success Story


Responsive eCommerce store to provide differentiated shopping experience to their customers.


Seamless ERP/ POS integration to automate customer, product, inventory, order, etc. information sync with eCommerce system.


Drive omni-channel commerce by enabling features like BOPS, centralized customer loyalty program, and more.

Novus Shoes is one of the leading retailers of shoes and handbags with 60+ retail store across Puerto Rick and the USA. i95Dev helped Novus Shoes drive omni-channel commerce with a new Magento eCommerce store and seamless eCommerce and POS integration.

Why i95Dev ?

Rapid Deployment

Go-to-market quickly with i95Dev’s eCommerce solutions. The eCommerce store is optimized for speed, availability, and performance.


We work closely with customers to identify the business-specific challenges and customize the solution to meet their requirements.

Superior Support

Customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile. With i95Dev, our relationship only begins with your eCommerce store.


i95Dev is a one-stop shop for all your digital commerce needs – from consulting, strategy, and design to development, integration, support, and digital marketing.

Industry Experience

i95Dev has extensive experience working with Apparel and Fashion businesses – from eCommerce adoption to multi-channel sales and ongoing maintenance.

Product Accelerators

i95Dev is a leader in eCommerce integration. We have out-of-box integration products for various eCommerce and ERP/ POS systems.

Talk to i95Dev’s eCommerce experts to discuss your commerce needs today.

Innovative solutions delivered

Strategy and Consulting

i95Dev’s Insight + Strategy + User Experience approach will power your e-commerce endeavors – helping you focus on high-impact activities at a low cost of ownership.

B2B/ B2C eCommerce

Build an effective and interactive eCommerce ecosystem for tomorrow’s growth with a customer-centric approach.

Multi-channel Sales

Drive multi-channel sales across online marketplaces, social channels, voice-activated devices, and AI-powered chatbots leveraging your eCommerce store.

ERP & POS Integration

Improve operational efficiency, manage product & inventory information better, and enable options like BOPS with seamless ERP and POS integration.

Omni-channel Experience

Provide your customers an enhanced, personalized, consistent and seamless shopping experience across channels and devices.

Analytics & Reports

Compete in the modern commerce landscape by transforming into and operating as an effective, data-driven commerce organization.