Magento 2 and Dynamics 365 Integration
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Centralize customer data and drive customer experience with bi-directional sync of new customer accounts, guest customer accounts, account updates, billing and shipping addresses, and more.


Build trust and brand experience by providing consistent product information across channels with little incremental effort; manage information in a single system and sync updates to the others.


Efficiently manage your inventory and avoid overselling your products with access to inventory levels in your Dynamics 365 for Operations system, regardless of the origin of sales.


Minimize order aging by automating order sync (including items, payment & tax details, status updates, invoice details, and shipping tracking number) between the two systems.

Credit Limits

Extend your Magento e-commerce store to service your B2B customers by leveraging the credit limits information assigned to them in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Customer Groups & Tier Prices

Cater to your diverse customer base by offering them personalized prices, in the Magento e-commerce store, driven by rules in the Dynamics 365 ERP system.


While our out-of-box solution meets most common challenges, we spend time with businesses to understand their needs and business specific challenges.


Every customer is unique and no cookie cutter solution can do complete justice to the unique requirements. Our solution can be customized to accommodate business specific requirements.

Free Support

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the project but rather begins with it. We offer our customers 60 hrs of free support to help them when things get difficult.

Inventory Sync from Dynamics 365 to Magento

i95Dev Customer Sync from Magento 2 to Dynamics 365 for Operations

Customer Sync from Magento to Dynamics 365

i95Dev Customer Sync from Magento 2 to Dynamics 365 for Operations

Order Sync from Magento to Dynamics 365

i95Dev Order Information Sync between Magento 2 and Dynamics 365 for Operations

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Increase Sales

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Streamline Business Processes

Improve Operational Efficiency

Drive Customer Experience

Minimize Order Aging

Manage Inventory Better

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