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Key Features of Magento Dynamics 365 Connect

i95Dev’s Dynamics 365 Connect is a secure, scalable and efficient way of integrating Magento e-commerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations systems. It combines the scalability and intelligence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the flexibility and features of Magento, driving operational efficiency and unparalleled customer experience.


Centralize customer data and drive customer experience with bi-directional sync of new customer accounts, guest customer accounts, account updates, billing and shipping addresses, and more between Magento and Dynamics 365 systems.


Build trust and brand experience by providing consistent product information across channels with little incremental effort; manage information in a single system and sync updates to the others.


Go omni-channel, manage your inventory effectively, and avoid overselling your products with access to accurate & real-time inventory in your Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP system.


Minimize order aging by automating order sync (including items, payment & tax details, status updates, invoice details, and shipping tracking number) between Magento e-commerce and Dynamics 365 ERP systems.

Credit Limits

Extend your Magento e-commerce store to service your B2B customers by leveraging the credit limits information assigned to them in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Customer Groups & Tier Prices

Cater to your diverse customer base by offering them personalized prices, in the Magento e-commerce store, driven by rules in your Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Inventory Sync from Dynamics 365 to Magento

i95Dev Inventory Sync from Dynamics 365 for Operations to Magento 2

Customer Sync from Magento to Dynamics 365

i95Dev Customer Sync from Magento 2 to Dynamics 365 for Operations

Order Sync from Magento to Dynamics 365

i95Dev Order Information Sync between Magento 2 and Dynamics 365 for Operations

Product sync from Dynamics 365 to Magento

i95Dev Product Sync from Dynamics 365 for Operations to Magento 2

Benefits of Integrating Magento and Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 was built to enable organizations to drive digital transformation by unifying several business applications. However, this transformation is incomplete because e-commerce is not part of the list. True digital transformation can only be achieved with an ecosystem of interconnected systems that seamlessly exchange information with each other.

Here’s how Magento Dynamics 365 connect can enable organizations, like you, to revolutionize the way you conduct and grow your business, by better engaging with customers, empowering employees, and optimizing operations.

Engage Customers

Magento and Dynamics 365 integration gives you a framework that you can leverage to get a 360-degree view of your customers, better engage them across channels, and provide consistent user experience – in other words, drive the omni-channel experience.

Magento 2 Dynamics 365
Magento 2 Dynamics 365

Empower Employees

Magento and Dynamics 365 integration gives your employees access to data that was previously not available or was too cumbersome to access for informed decision-making and action.

Optimize Operations

Magento and Dynamics 365 integration will help you streamline business processes and eliminate manual data entry – reducing errors, saving costs, improving operational efficiency, and increasing employee productivity.

Magento 2 Dynamics 365
Magento 2 Dynamics 365

Improve Products and Grow Business

The newfound efficiency discovered because of integration will help you focus on what really matters to their business – your products and customers. You can now focus more time and money innovating your products and improving customer experience.

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Why i95Dev’s Magento Dynamics 365 Connect?


We are world leaders in Magento and Dynamics ERP integration. D365 Connect is approved by both Microsoft and Magento.

Personalized Selling

Every customer is unique and we spend time with businesses to understand their needs and business-specific challenges.

Free Support

We offer our customers 60 hrs of free support to help them when things get difficult.


We have worked with 180+ brands all over the world from Retail, Manufacturing, and Distribution.


i95Dev’s Magento Dynamics 365 Connect is robust and designed for scalability. It also works seamlessly with other extensions.


Our customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile.

“After the terrible experience with another vendor, I have worked with i95Dev for over a year now to great success. The investment that we’ve made with i95Dev connector has more than paid for itself in time saved and accurate order handling, and I know my company is looking forward to a long-term relationship as a result. Their team is detail oriented, accommodating, and adept at customization – we highly recommend them.”
– Melissa Smith,
Manager E-commerce & Retail Sales,
Montana Silversmiths


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