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Unified eCommerce Solution

for Manufacturers looking to serve their B2B and B2C customers

Are you looking for an eCommerce solution that will enable you to drive growth with B2B and B2C customers from a unified eCommerce platform without compromising on customer experience? Your search ends with i95Dev.

You don’t need separate eCommerce stores for B2B and B2C customers.

We understand our needs like no one else

Customer Accounts

Define and manage complex customer and account relationships, credit usage, payments, loyalty, and more easily from the eCommerce portal.

i95Dev worked with a leading apparel manufacturing brand to on board B2B and B2C customers on the same platform. In addition to the user management features, the eCommerce platform was also extended to incorporate business and order specific workflows depending on the customer type (B2B or B2C).

Enhanced Product Catalog

Leverage features like dynamic product catalogs, layered navigation, elastic search, ERP integration, and more to create personalized product catalogs, improve product discovery, and drive customer experience.

i95Dev helped a dealer, operating in a fragmented and mostly offline automobile aftermarket industry, drive customer adoption online with a rich and interactive online product catalog developed leveraging the product relationship data in their ERP system.

Customer Specific Pricing

Offer personalized pricing to B2B and B2C customers by leveraging the complex pricing rules defined in your ERP system.

i95Dev worked with a 40+ year-old company with an enviable reputation in the plumbing industry, to offer personalized prices to B2B and B2C customers by extending the eCommerce store to support the pricing rules defined in their ERP system.

Multi-channel Sales

Expand your reach by selling across multiple channels including mobile, online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, etc.), customer portals (for your B2B customers), and more directly from your eCommerce store.

i95Dev worked with a leading merchant of professional musical instruments to drive their multi-channel sales strategy. We helped them sell on eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Reverb with little incremental effort.

Other important features

Advanced B2B Capability

You need features to support advanced B2B functionality like quotes, sales person, credit limits, payment terms, bill pay, and more.

Product Information and Theme Builder

Centralized product information (enabled by ERP/ PIM integration), advance CMS capabilities, visual page editor, and more enable you to create landing pages effortlessly.

Marketing & Promotions

Advanced Marketing and promotion features to better segment and target your customers; personalization at scale.

i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine is an pre-packaged ERP integrated eCommerce solution that enables you to give shape to your eCommerce vision quickly.

Success Story

Fechheimer Brothers, a Berkshire Hathaway company, manufactures uniforms to serve men and women employed in public service industries such as corrections, fire and EMS, military, police, postal, and transit authorities. i95Dev helped Fechheimer fast track their digital transformation goals with a new Magento eCommerce Commerce Cloud store and seamless eCommerce and ERP integration.


Responsive eCommerce store for different B2C & B2B business entities.


Advanced B2B functionality like customer accounts, sales quotes, credit limits, payment terms, and more.


Seamless ERP integration to automate customer, product, inventory, order, etc. information sync between eCommerce and ERP systems.

Steve Gatton

Vice President of Information Technology

The team at i95Dev was instrumental in our successful migration to the Magento cloud. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, they provided excellent project management and communication. i95Dev provided an ERP connector that enabled quick connectivity to our internal order management system. The team at i95Dev did an outstanding job after go-live by supporting transaction monitoring, ensuring that our orders flowed through the system as designed. Overall we are very pleased with the new site and we’re seeing an increase in traffic and conversions.

Why i95Dev ?

Rapid Deployment

Go-to-market quickly with i95Dev eCommerce solutions. The eCommerce store is optimized for speed, availability, and performance.

Multiple ERP Support

i95Dev is a leader in integration. We support seamless eCommerce integration with multiple ERPs, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and more.


i95Dev is a one-stop shop for all your digital commerce needs – from consulting, strategy, and design to development, integration, support, and digital marketing.

Scalable & Extensible

i95Dev solutions scale with your business and can be easily extended with thousands of extensions available in the marketplace.


We work closely with customers to identify the business-specific challenges and customize the solution to meet their requirements.


Customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile. With i95Dev, our relationship only begins with your eCommerce store.

Talk to i95Dev’s eCommerce experts to discuss your commerce needs today.

Innovative solutions delivered

Strategy and Consulting

Define, build, and sustain impactful customer experience leveraging i95Dev’s expertise and experience.


Build an effective and efficient eCommerce ecosystem for tomorrow’s growth with a customer-centric approach.

ERP Integration

Improve operational efficiency by automating information sync between eCommerce and ERP systems.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage large amounts of complex product information and distribute all of this information efficiently on the relevant channels with a PIM solution.

PunchOut Catalog

Leverage PunchOut catalogs to automate the purchase order process with your customers and suppliers, thereby automating both ends of your supply chain.

Analytics & Reports

Compete in the modern commerce landscape by transforming into and operating as an effective, data-driven commerce organization.