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Streamline Order Fulfillment and Support with Adobe Commerce and Salesforce OMS integration

Unlock operational efficiency with our seamless integration solution for Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Order Management (OMS) system. Connecting these two systems ensures unparalleled order management, real-time order tracking, and a customer-centric support experience. You can further extend the integration to include an ERP system and transform the way you do business. Ready to welcome a new era of efficiency in eCommerce!

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Signs You Are Suffering from Disconnected Adobe Commerce and Salesforce OMS Systems

If your business is grappling with disjointed order processing, inventory inaccuracies, or struggles to provide real-time order tracking, these are more than just challenges—they’re signals of a larger underlying problem. These are outcomes of a disconnected ecosystem – disconnected Adobe Commerce, Salesforce OMS, and ERP systems. Is your business grappling with similar challenges or ask yourself if your business could survive these problems?

Deteriorating Customer Experience

Your customer’s shopping experience is going south because of delays in order fulfillment, lack of timely updates, poor customer service, and more.

Overworked Customer Service Teams

Your customer service teams spend a lot of time addressing order status and update queries instead of upselling or cross-selling to your customers.

Marketing Woes

You are struggling to launch effective targeted campaigns and promotions. It’s not just about poor conversions; the inconsistency in your brand messaging across channels is eroding customer trust.

Order Processing Bottlenecks

Processing orders takes too much time, causing order aging, delays in order fulfillment, and leading to unhappy customers.

Inventory Nightmares

The absence of effective inventory management is leading to inaccurate inventory tracking, inventory allocation, stockouts, overselling, and other related complications.

Order Errors

Your margins are down because of returns, errors caused by manual data entry, overselling, and delays in order processing and fulfillment.

Limited Business Growth

Your business growth is limited by the number of orders your team can manually sync to your order management system. You are not adding new channels because of this.

Too Much Manual Effort

Your team is spending too much time processing orders and keeping the eCommerce, Order Management, and ERP systems in sync with each other manually.

Decreasing Margins

Your margins are under pressure because of increasing shipping and fulfillment costs. You are unable to utilize inventory spread across multiple locations effectively.

Recognize these challenges? It’s time for a change. Connect with our experts today to explore how integration can conquer these hurdles.

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Benefits of Integrating Adobe Commerce with Salesforce OMS system

Lack of integration between your Adobe eCommerce store and the Salesforce OMS system can manifest as one or more problems mentioned above. Integrating these two systems is about addressing the pain points hindering your business growth and customer satisfaction. You can further extend the integration to include an ERP system and welcome a new era of efficiency in eCommerce. Here are a few benefits you can realize in a connected ecosystem of eCommerce, Order Management, and ERP systems.

For your Customer Service Team

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Armed with extensive data (order history, inventory levels, shipping details, and more), your customer service teams can swiftly and effectively manage inquiries and returns, elevating overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Provide your customers with a self-service portal for real-time order tracking and status updates. This will significantly reduce the number of requests your team gets, allowing them to focus on growing business.

Customer-Centric Experiences

Empowered with a unified customer view and relevant information, your customer service teams can provide a more personalized and informed service experience, upsell, and place orders on behalf of (OOBO) customers.

For your eCommerce Team

Streamlined Order Processing

Say goodbye to order processing bottlenecks with automated order routing and centralized order management. Our solution streamlines the entire order lifecycle, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and accelerated process that delights your customers.

Efficient Returns Management

Streamline the returns and exchange process by integrating eCommerce, Order Management, and ERP systems. Access to unified data facilitates prompt and effective handling of return requests, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Seamless Multi-channel Expansion

Effortlessly adopt and integrate various channels, enabling targeted multi-channel campaigns for maximum promotional impact and a consistent and effective brand message.

For your Operations Team

Automated Order Workflows

Simplify and automate your order processing workflows, from order creation to shipment tracking, for increased efficiency, error-free order processing, and a hassle-free experience.

Effortless Inventory Management

No more inventory nightmares. eCommerce-OMS-ERP integration ensures seamless inventory synchronization, preventing stockouts and overselling and maintaining accurate stock levels across channels.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

i95Dev Connect automates processes and data sync between eCommerce, ERP, and Order Management systems, driving efficient operations, reducing manual data entry and errors, and saving time and money.

For your Business Team

Connected Ecosystem

Bid farewell to siloed operations and the chaos of managing separate systems. i95Dev Connect ensures unified and streamlined operations eliminating data silos and enhancing collaboration across your entire business.

Seamless Growth

Our integration supports your business growth. Scale confidently by adapting new channels like marketplaces, social media, and more with a solution designed for seamless expansion.

Informed Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights drawn from data across multiple systems. The eCommerce-OMS-ERP integration empowers you to strategize and navigate your business with confidence.

Ready to Experience These Benefits for Your Business? Discover the transformative advantages of integrating your Adobe Commerce store with Salesforce OMS and Dynamics 365 Finance ERP systems. Elevate customer service, supercharge eCommerce operations, and drive overall business success. Connect with our experts today to embark on a seamless journey of efficiency and growth.

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Features of Adobe Commerce + Salesforce OMS + Dynamics 365 Finance Integration

Customer Information Sync

Centralize customer data to create a unified customer profile across channels by automating customer information sync between Adobe Commerce, Salesforce OMS, and Dynamics 365 Finance ERP systems.

Product Information Sync

Effortlessly sync product information from Dynamics 365 Finance ERP to Salesforce OMS and Adobe eCommerce systems to drive consistency across systems and manage information.

Inventory Information Sync

Centralize inventory management in Dynamics 365 Finance and sync updated inventory across Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Order Management systems for improved inventory management.

Order Information Sync

Streamline the order lifecycle, from placement to fulfillment, by automating order information sync between Adobe Commerce, Salesforce OMS, and Dynamics 365 Finance systems.

Shipment Information Sync

Automate order fulfillment and provide customers real-time shipment tracking by syncing Shipment information from Dynamics 365 Finance to Salesforce OMS and Adobe Commerce systems.

Payments & Invoices Sync

Be tax-ready, track invoices better, and manage cash flows & account receivables effectively by automating payments and invoices sync from Dynamics 365 Finance or Salesforce OMS to Adobe Commerce systems.

Returns Management

Simplify the handling of returns, automate refund processes, and ensure accurate inventory adjustments by integrating Adobe Commerce, Salesforce OMS, and Dynamics 365 Finance ERP systems.

Order Edit and Cancelation

i95Dev Connect supports order editing and cancellation at specific fulfillment stages, empowering customers and service teams. This drives increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to witness the power of our product firsthand? Schedule a personalized demo today and explore how our solution can revolutionize your eCommerce operations. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience efficiency, integration, and growth in one seamless package.

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The i95Dev Advantage

Proven Expertise

With a wealth of experience in eCommerce and integrations, we’ve partnered with clients across 15+ countries and 25+ industries.

Robust Integrations

Our integration products offer comprehensive solutions, managing more touchpoints between eCommerce, OMS, and ERP systems than any other alternative.

Tailored Solutions

i95Dev Connect can be easily configured, extended, or customized – we work closely with customers to address their business-specific challenges.

Security and Scalability

Ensuring both security and scalability, i95Dev Connect utilizes AES encryption and imposes no limitations on the
number of records synced between the eCommerce, OMS, and ERP systems.


i95Dev Connect maintains detailed logs and features a user-friendly dashboard, enabling swift identification and resolution of sync issues between eCommerce, OMS, and ERP systems.

Unwavering Support

Praised for our rapid response times and unwavering commitment, our support teams are available across time zones to assist customers.

Global Client Base

Endorsed by
Industry Leaders
The team at i95Dev was instrumental in our successful migration to the Magento cloud. i95Dev led us through the implementation from requirements gathering, development, implementation of needed 3rd party components from the Magento Marketplace, testing, QA, and go live. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, they provided excellent project management and communication. We were kept up-to-date throughout the project with weekly meetings and project status updates. i95Dev provided an ERP connector that enabled quick connectivity to our internal order management system. The team at i95Dev did an outstanding job after go-live by supporting transaction monitoring, ensuring that our orders flowed through the system as designed. Overall we are very pleased with the new site and we’re seeing an increase in traffic and conversions.
– Steve Gatton , Vice President of Information Technology, Fechheimer.
After the terrible experience with another vendor, I have worked with i95Dev for over a year now to great success. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with them in particular because they are so detail oriented, accommodating and adept at customization.
– Melissa Smith, Manager eCommerce & Retail Sales, Montana Silversmiths.

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