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Out of the Box Features for Seamless Integration


Give your customers access to self-service customer portals with customer information sync between Magento and Sage 100 systems.

Products/ Items

Save time and effort by managing complex product information (description, attributes, prices, categories, and more) from a single system.


Avoid overselling or under selling your products and manage your inventory better with inventory sync from Sage 100 to Magento system.


Grow faster with streamlined order fulfillment process made possible by automated order sync between Magento and Sage 100 systems.

Invoices & Payments

Streamline your accounting processes with invoice & payment information sync from your eCommerce store to your Sage 100 ERP system.

Shipping & Others

Delight your customers by automating order status and shipping tracking number updates from your Sage 100 ERP system to Magento eCommerce.

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Scale your Business to the Next Level

Magento Sage 100 Connect enables you to streamline and automate your order fulfillment process allowing you to process more orders with the same resources. The increased efficiency enables you to increase sales by reaching more customers; by adopting channels like eCommerce, online marketplaces, and more, or by accepting bigger orders with little incremental effort.

Scale your Business to the Next Level
Reach your B2B Customers Effectively

Reach your B2B Customers Effectively

Ecommerce is traditionally associated with selling to B2C customers and often you find businesses serving their B2B customers with a standalone system while managing communication with the ERP system manually. With Magneto Sage 100 Connect, Distributors and Manufacturers like yours can now very easily provide their B2B customers the same flexibility, convenience and experience that are often only available to their B2C counterparts.

A Solution Customized to your Needs

We understand that every business is unique and has its own way of using the ERP system (processes and workflows) and hence our solution can be customized to meet your requirements. This ensures lower resistance and faster adoption within the organization because your employees no longer have to invest a lot of time learning the new systems.

A Solution Customized to your Needs
Improved Reporting and Forecasting

Improved Reporting and Forecasting

One of the great challenges decision-makers traditionally face is the availability of accurate information – often critical business decisions are made based upon ‘gut feelings’ that are shaped by outdated and inaccurate data. For a business lacking integration between critical systems, it is not difficult to imagine why this might not be the case. With Magento eCommerce and Sage 100 ERP integration businesses can get access to reliable and accurate data which can then be used for improved forecasting and effective demand planning (using order history & inventory levels), payment terms negotiation (using order and payment history), managing payouts of sales commissions, and more.


Cost Effective


Increased Sales

Efficient Inventory Management

Minimized Order Aging

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enables Omni-channel Experience

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