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Ride ahead of the competition with

omni-channel commerce solutions for the Automotive and aftersales (including auto parts) industry.

Are you a manufacturer, dealer, or store owner looking to drive growth and deliver unparalleled shopping experiences to your customers across channels?

Your search ends with i95Dev. We have just the right solution to help you accelerate your digital adoption. Continue reading to know how our cutting-edge technologies and expertise can transform your business.

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We understand your needs better!

At i95Dev, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the automotive industry and the specific needs of manufacturers, dealers, and store owners. Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop industry-specific features and solutions catering to automotive businesses’ unique requirements, helping us drive growth and deliver exceptional shopping experiences.

Unified eCommerce Solution

Create a dealer portal for your B2B customers, a brand store for your B2C customers, or a unified store to serve both B2B and B2C customers from the same eCommerce platform.

B2B Features

Manage B2B customers better with advanced functionality like customer accounts, sales quotes, salesperson, credit limits, payment terms, bill pay, and more.

Product Discovery & Search

Enhance product discovery and boost conversions with features like layered navigation, elastic search, AI-driven product recommendations, part finder (year, make, model search), and exploded product views.

Customer Specific Pricing

Personalize pricing for your B2B and B2C customers using complex pricing rules defined in your ERP system, ensuring a
tailored shopping experience

Selling across Marketplaces

Expand your market reach and drive sales by easily selling across popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, as well as industry-specific marketplaces like CarGurus, Autotrader, Autoweb, and more.

Product Information Management

Effortlessly manage vast product catalogs, complex product relationships, detailed product information, and different product types by leveraging a PIM system.

eCommerce penetration is one of the lowest in the automotive industry, including parts and accessories. However, businesses that adopted digital commerce have witnessed double-digit growth in a sector that has been growing slowly. Need more reasons to adopt eCommerce? Download our eBook How eCommerce is Transforming the Auto Industry to learn more

You are at the right place if you are looking for a

Dealer/ Vendor Portal

Are you an automotive manufacturer or distributor looking to upgrade from the outdated catalog store and embrace a modern approach?

We can build a cutting-edge dealer/ vendor portal to help you streamline communication with your B2B partners, enhance order management, and elevate the overall dealer experience.

Online Marketplace

Are you an automotive manufacturer with desires to establish an online marketplace akin to Amazon?

We have the expertise to make it a reality. Expand your market reach, maintain brand consistency, and enable your distributors to thrive in the digital landscape with our marketplace implementation.

Digital Brand Store

Are you an automotive manufacturer venturing into the D2C space or an auto retailer seeking to enhance your online presence?

If yes, then our digital brand store solution is tailored for you. Elevate your sales, customer experience, and customer loyalty with a modern and captivating digital storefront.

At i95Dev, we understand the diverse needs of different personas in the automotive industry and offer personalized solutions to cater to each one. Let us guide you towards the ideal solution for your business goals.

Our Clients

WAI Global

eCommerce Development & Maintenance, Performance Optimization, Multi-language & Multi-currency Support, B2B Features, PIM Integration, Customer Specific Pricing, Multi-warehouse Support, Customer Portal

Classic Performance Products

eCommerce, UI/ UX, Part Finder, PIM Integration, OMS Integration, Customizations, Saved for Later, Returns (RMA), Marketplace Integration, Recursive Kit Products

PAI Industries

B2B eCommerce, UI/ UX, eCatalog, Interactive Product Catalog, B2B Features, Contract Pricing, ERP Integration, Exploded Product Views, Cross Selling, Corporate Accounts, Quick Order, Performance Optimization.

Trail Gear

Unified eCommerce (B2B and B2C), eCommerce Migration, ERP Integration, Multi-store (for multiple brands), Order Workflow, Price Levels, Drop Ship, Customer Groups, Bill Pay, Net Terms

Give shape to your eCommerce vision quickly with i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine, a pre-packaged ERP-integrated eCommerce accelerator for Automotive businesses.

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Launch an online marketplace platform like Amazon in just a few weeks with the i95Dev Marketplace accelerator for Automotive businesses.

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Why i95Dev ?

Rapid Deployment

Go to market quickly with i95Dev’s eCommerce solutions. The eCommerce store is optimized for speed, availability, and performance.


We work closely with customers to identify business-specific challenges and customize the solution to meet their requirements.

Superior Support

Customers love us for our response times and willingness to go the extra mile. With i95Dev, our relationship only begins with your eCommerce store.


i95Dev is a one-stop shop for all your digital commerce needs – from consulting, strategy, and design to development, integration, support, and digital marketing.

Industry Experience

i95Dev has extensive experience working with Automotive businesses – from eCommerce adoption to multi-channel sales and ongoing maintenance.

Product Accelerators

We have out-of-box integration products for various ERP systems and eCommerce accelerator solutions for faster time-to-market.

Talk to i95Dev’s eCommerce experts today to discuss your commerce needs.

Innovative solutions delivered

Strategy and Consulting

i95Dev’s Insight + Strategy + User Experience approach will power your eCommerce endeavors – helping you focus on high-impact activities at a low cost of ownership.

Unified eCommerce

Build an effective and interactive B2C, B2B, B2B2C, or D2C eCommerce ecosystem to drive business growth and customer experience.

Multi-channel Sales

Drive multi-channel sales across online marketplaces, social channels, voice-activated devices, and AI-powered chatbots leveraging your eCommerce store.

Online Marketplaces

Create an online marketplace for your distributors to sell online and maintain brand consistency. Take away the online marketing effort and let them focus on order fulfillment and customer engagement

ERP & POS Integration

Improve operational efficiency, manage product & inventory information better, and enable options like BOPS with seamless ERP and POS integration.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage large amounts of complex product information and distribute all of this information efficiently on the relevant channels with a PIM solution.

Omni-channel Experience

Provide customers with an enhanced, personalized, consistent, and seamless shopping experience across channels and devices.

Analytics & Reports

Compete in the modern commerce landscape by transforming into and operating as an effective, data-driven commerce organization.