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B2B eCommerce for Dynamics 365: Solving Pre- and Post-order Challenges – Part 1

B2B buyers crave a similar online shopping experience as B2C. However, catering to their unique requirements presents a challenge for B2B e-commerce. Thus, digital transformation in the B2B sector is the need of the hour.

Elevate Your B2B Game!

In a survey by Billtrust, 60% of B2B buyers say that their online shopping experience is “very important” to their relationship with the supplier. Meanwhile, 67% report switching to vendors that offer a “more consumer-like” experience.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to B2B eCommerce excellence?

Join us for our power-packed webinar on eCommerce and integration.

In this exciting webinar, you will:

  • Solutions for Pre-Order Challenges
  • Real Success Stories
  • eCommerce & Integration Insights
  • Partner with i95Dev for B2B Success.

Uncover the strategies to overcome B2B pre-order challenges using e-commerce and integration. Register now for our insightful on-demand webinar.

Unlock B2B eCommerce Success!

Unlock the secrets to B2B eCommerce Excellence

    About the Speaker

    Mr. Vanit Kumar


    Mr. Vanit Kumar, Founder & CEO at i95Dev, is a true pioneer and innovator. His expertise goes beyond eCommerce; his extensive knowledge spans diverse sectors, including IT, telecommunications, and real estate. This broad knowledge base enables him to draw unique insights and solutions from various industries to address challenges in B2B eCommerce.

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