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With over a century of experience in the vegetable seed market, Siegers Seed

continues to rule the legacy
with i95Dev.

Founded in 1912 in Chicago, Siegers Seed Company has over a century of experience in delivering unique and quality seeds to farmers across the USA.

Recently taken over by Stokes, the company serves commercial growers in the Midwest, Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern United States, as well as in Canada.

With over 100 years of experience, a wide range of fresh vegetable seeds, and proven traditional trial programs, the leading brand guarantees to serve customers with dependable service and fulfill any vegetable seed need!



  • The goal was to have an end-to-end integrated eCommerce system. A system that is capable of handling the large portfolio of products Siegers Seed holds. Therefore, reducing the effort and cost associated with managing customers and operations manually (telephone and online ordering system).
  • The second most important goal was to achieve effective warehouse management across all the four warehouses across the USA.
  • Dynamics GP ERP system integrated with the e-store to manage all the back-office operations associated with inventory management and streamlined business processes.


i95Dev conducted a thorough analysis of Siegers Seed’s day-to-day operations and associated challenges through a detailed discovery process and recommended its integrated eCommerce solution, EGE. An i95Dev solution that is capable of handling both B2C and B2B businesses.

i95Dev implemented EGE that was capable of handling their customers across devices, provided layered navigation, excellent search capabilities, and powerful promotional tools.

After the successful implementation, i95Dev conducted EGE’s integration with Dynamics GP seamlessly. This enabled them to better manage inventory by eliminating overselling of products through real-time inventory checks during order placement. The integration also automated the payment, shipping, and taxation method by integration.

i95Dev continues to work with Siegers Seed Company to get their B2B customers on to the same platform, including the ability to create separate B2B-specific accounts to place orders directly on the site.


Siegers Seed Company has seen an increase in order volume by more than 20%.
They were able to decrease their fulfillment time by 30% after the integration took place.
Improved customer experience and process orders quickly by automating payments, taxation, and shipping.

i95Dev’s EGE minimized their cost of customer acquisition, reduced the time and efforts spent by the sales representatives, therefore reducing the average sales cycle time.

A glance at implementation


“I am amazed by the power of the EGE solution – we are only few weeks into the solution but I am already confident that we have chosen the best possible platform to help us grow our business.”

– Joseph Soriano, IT Manager, Siegers Seed Company.

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