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Xlear Inc., founded by Dr. Alonzo H Jones in June 2000,

is a leading manufacturer and distributor of xylitol-based products in North America.

Their products are strongly recommended by a growing number of dentists, pediatricians, ear, nose and throat specialists, other health practitioners, and consumers alike.



  • To set up a scalable system to support higher order volume for both B2B & B2C customers.
  • To set up a scalable and robust e-commerce solution that is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics GP ERP system, to help Xlear manage their B2B and B2C customers easily, while incorporating their existing workflows and processes.


i95Dev engaged in a thorough understanding of Xlear’s business processes and requirements through the discovery process. Through the discovery process, a number of customizations were also identified to help Xlear accommodate their existing workflows and to further streamline their business processes.

i95Dev recommended their integrated eCommerce product eCommerce Growth Engine (EGE) to Xlear.

  • EGE enabled Xlear to manage both B2B and B2C customers from a single store by displaying products (catalog), pricing, and other details specific to the logged in customer. This, and Dynamics GP integration, also made it convenient for Xlear’s customer service representatives to log in from Magento backend and place orders on their customer’s behalf.
  • EGE’s partial fulfillment and payment functionality enabled Xlear to accept and fulfill backorders based on inventory availability. EGE also helped Xlear automate recurring orders by saving and auto-shipping them at the scheduled interval.
  • EGE was also customized to integrate with WordPress site for improved content management, to integrate with BaazarVoice for centralizing reviews in the eCommerce store, and to incorporate a number of business-specific workflows.


Xlear successfully managed both B2B and B2C customers from a single store by displaying products (catalog), pricing, and other details with EGE, making it easier for Xlear’s customer service too.
Backorder fulfillment & automating recurring orders along with auto shipping certainly saved time & made the entire process easy to manage.
Customized integration with WordPress site helped improve content management.

A glance at implementation


“We are very happy with i95Dev and their solution; it has made servicing both B2B and B2C customers and their orders more convenient with greater flexibility. We’ve continued working with their development team to further optimize our digital presence and processes.”

– Cody Frisby, E-commerce Manager, Xlear, Inc.

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