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How to select the right Magento development company?

Consider the below to select the right Magento development company:

Expertise: Make sure the Magento Development Company you select holds the expertise requires in the field of eCommerce as well as the industry you serve.

Experience: A company with rich experience in all domains will always prove the best for you.

Certifications and Resources: Ensure that the company is Magento certified and that the resources allotted to your project are also certified.

Time to Market: Time to market is a crucial factor as all further plans depend on when you go-live, and you can’t afford to miss it. Ensure this is well communicated on both sides and timely check if the company sticks to the schedule.

Support services: This is the most important thing—especially after-sales support. Ensure you are well aware of the support services, check their availability at your time zones, and response time as well.


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