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March 17, 2015

Automate Order Management
to boost your eCommerce

Author Chris Wilson
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Customers expect spontaneity from retailers – expect instant answers to their queries, expect orders to be shipped immediately when they place them. Long on-hold time while customer service/sales reps search for answers are no longer acceptable; but your reps need tools that allow them to find, manage and track orders without error. A soothsayer might look ideal to handle these needs. But all you need is to automate your order management, as that can give your reps the flexibility to respond to your customers real quick and make them happy.
Order management solutions created and evolved out of real world use provides convenience to your business without additional effort, simplifies your ecommerce operations and improves customer satisfaction. A good ecommerce order management system improves visibility for sales reps; empower sales reps with real time inventory information and sales reporting to intelligently communicate with and sell to new and existing customers. Even customers have an improved visibility as their online orders are prominently visible through the different stages of order lifecycle.
A robust order management system is the output of the efforts in finding out the decisive functions and automating them in order to help increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and drive profits. And we dig down to find out those crucial functions that can change the shape of your business performance in no time.

Automate purchase orders

You will definitely have items which you need to buy on a regular basis. You need to closely monitor inventory of such items and create purchase order for them, thereby spending time and money. All you need is to automate the processes for high velocity and demand items; as automation will save from being “temporarily” out of stock and reduce your busy time.

Automate credit card warnings

While you have a PCI level 1 certified platform, you afford to store credit cards for future orders which in turn allows auto ship and continuity programs to succeed. But when the credit card you stored on file expires, it results in pending shipments. You can save business from such an awkward situation by automating a process of sending out credit card expiration warnings for continuity customers along with pending orders. It is always wise to notify the customer before the decline than contacting after, as that might lead to higher drop-out rate from the continuity program otherwise.

Automate customer blocking/unblocking

You need spontaneity in business. Customers with bad debts needs to be prevented from ordering again in future as there is a huge chance for bad debt to slip through since many businesses do not have ample resources or time to check as often as they should. Automatically blocking customers for bad debt or unblocking customers to buy again immediately the debt is paid saves your business the being exposed to frauds.
To note, integrating your ecommerce order management system efficiently with your ERP, CRM and inventory systems is the finest way to maintain accurate data and reports. This gives your business management team the visibility necessary to run a profitable business and allows your business to expand worldwide.
i95Dev can help uplift your ecommerce with improved order management and flexible integration with ERP, CRM and other systems. To know more, connect with us at or give us a call at 301.760.7499

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