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May 1, 2018

Choosing The Best Magento
Managed Hosting Provider

Author Sudesh Sahu
Category Blog | Magento 2.0 |
Your eStore is your first salesperson and it is a hypo-critical infrastructure with number of platforms in the ecosystems. These platforms are managed by different teams, possibly spread across the globe. This diversity brings various challenges in the performance of your website. Hence, it is important to maintain the network integrity while bringing together the efforts of various teams. Hosting plays a critical role in this. This article traverses the decision making process for choosing the best Magento managed hosting provider (like Nexcess).
Did you know, according to kissmetrics, 1% delay in website page load can lead to 7% reduction of customer conversion? On the other hand  79% of online shoppers would never return to a website to make another purchase because of poor performance during their last visit? One must wonder the hiccups IT Department faces when such mistakes occur.

How about having a website hosting management team that can take care of all your IT Infrastructure? How about experts suggesting you what works for your website? This is where fully managed hosting service provider come in. They can take the load off your back and let you take care of business enhancing activities.
In case you are not familiar, Managed Hosting services is an IT provision model in which you are provided with a dedicated / shared server and hardware along with the services necessary to maintain your website, its data security and backup. For more information on the importance of hosting when working with Magento, make sure you to read our blog

How do you choose the managed hosting provider?

When choosing a managed Magento hosting service provider, it is important for you to focus on factors that affect your website performance. Server hosting, website speed, files and data, traffic etc are some of the key elements that determine the webpage loading time.
Here are some of the recommended characteristics of your IT team.

  • Personal assistance across a plethora of services:

    You need an experienced IT team to monitor your eStore 24/7/365. They should be nimble enough to apply new opportunities for the business growth. The design and development of newer ideas with the help of your limited skilled team is mare difficulty. This includes high operational and capital expenses supplementing internal resource, time to market the technological innovation etc. The Managed Hosting can be the best option to avoid such costs. These service providers must be able to help turn your idea into a reality.

  • Cater Service as per the Business process:

    A managed hosting service provider is a logical choice of online business belonging to all industries. They are often referred to as Business-Process-As-A-Service, ( BPAAS ). They take care of application level integrations, upgradations and software solutions along with backups and security. All you should be doing is just pay for the services at the operational level on monthly basis.

  • Modern customizations for broader customers:

    E-commerce customizations specific to customer needs and business tailoring your business operations and the process requires unique process setups. A managed e-commerce service provider is one with industry specific solution provider. He is one who has a solution first-approach to a business process. Standard certified subject matter experts experienced in multi-vendor support is the ideal choice for eCommerce managed service provider. They come up with the best of modern customizations as per your fluctuating business demand.


  • Scale up or down- flexible to choose:

    Scalability and flexibility in today’s business are subjected to change at a moment’s notice. Being a globalized business model like yours, you tend to spread your wings across the globe. Your managed service provider must help you scale to suit your business process workloads. They must have the necessary expertise to deploy additional applications as per your business need.

  • Respond as a responsibility:

    You need a service provider who can proactively respond to the issues on the fly and someone undertaking accountability of maintaining the eCommerce infrastructure. When your site experiences spikes of volumes during the seasonal business times, you need someone to support your network through it. When maintaining a modern eStore with hybrid deployments of next-generation techniques like chatbots, you need someone who understands the business process and solutions accordingly.

  • Manage processes on your special occasions:

    At these big-board business moments, you need a secured data backup set-up to support data redundancy. Your high volume data transactions should not hamper your website page load. Also in case of a sudden load on your machines at these times, you need a repeated call out holder that collects and store information. In these scenarios, you need to adopt the most secured web caching techniques that can help your application server remain uninterrupted. Your hosting service provider must be able to support you with these solutions.

  • Recover the disaster:

    Disaster management is absolutely mandatory for any eStore provider. You need a system that restores your data in time and to avoid any repercussions it should alert you to such things. You can deal with one lost transaction but it is difficult to handle many. Your managed hosting service provider will make sure that the RPO and RTO are as less as possible.


Talk to you Managed Hosting Service provider who can help you in building and launching your eCommerce environment efficient enough to meet the company’s technological and business goals towards profits.

What makes i95Dev the best choice for Managed Web Hosting?

  • Pre-migration performance audit

    i95Dev technical team gather all your requirements about your business process and products. This information is then utilized to create a personalized hosting solution as per your needs. Our technical experts with your help scan your server and audit your website performance. A special team is allocated consisting of developers, server admins, and website analysts, who then work together to provide in-depth server-level analysis on our site.

  • Human empowered website migration and hosting

    All your system setups, stored files, web pages, and business process are brought to you all as-is. Our in-house team manages the migration that goes through the complete validation process, leaving no chance for an error. Our team achieved a site load time as low as 2 secs. We have certified AWS, DevOps, Aure team with 10-11 years of industry experience.

  • Around-the-clock support for critical issues

    A 24x7x365 support access is provided for those critical issues that are hampering the business immediately (online & offline) like “slow website” debugging. We have an in-house ticket system that is addressed by Humans at all times.

  • Best-practice server configurations tailored to your website

    We build a custom web stack configuration based on your website traffic patterns. A custom NGiNX web server with Varnish and Redis for session storage and as a full page cache.

  • A comprehensive Backup and a disaster recovery plan

    We use phpMyAdmin in your cPanel for data backup at an application level. We use a snapshot to backup the environment level including all the persistent data from all running web & data services like MySQL, all the high volume files stored. We use Magento CLI and Web Interface methods for this purpose.

Our core certifications:

  • Professional Magento Solution Partner.
  • Magento certified developer
  • Magento Security specialist
  • Magento training partner
  • Certified Gold partner of Microsoft development

To know how i95Dev can help you with your Magento managed hosting, mail us on

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