April 24, 2018

eCommerce Payment Customization
with PayFabric and SalesPad

Author Sudheer Konudula
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Payments are vital aspects of customer experience. Smooth payment processing is necessary these days, as most eCommerce players adopt them. Some eCommerce players took this a step further to give their customers additional flexibility like edit order. Since most eCommerce players do not provide this, it acts as a USP and helps improve the end user experience. However, like any improvement, the ROI is justified only when the feature is not taxing on the operational efficiency. This article discusses how eCommerce payment customization, with the help of a use case of our client, improved the customer experience.
As a medical supplies company, our client provides specialized medical equipment to doctors across USA. They were rapidly expanding with growing number of customers and products in their catalog. They needed help in building a scalable ecosystem, which can handle this growth. They were using a legacy ecommerce platform to manage their store and Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage their backend operations. Our team’s key responsibility was to integrate their new Magento instance with Dynamics GP instance using our i95Dev’s Magento GP Connect product.
Our client uses PayFabric to integrate their payment gateways to Magento. PayFabric is a cloud-based payment processing solution. It gives merchants the much-needed flexibility in handling payments such as storing credit card information (PCI Compliant), allows using payment gateways (it acts as a hub), recurring payments, etc.
SalesPad is another critical system our client uses to manage their operations. This platform extends the Magento GP functionality to handle many aspects including payments. This leading medical supplies company has a well-oiled process that uses this platform and completes the transactions. Make sure to read our blog on various use-cases for SalesPad integration in an eCommerce scenario.
While PayFabric and SalesPad are great platforms individually, they can handle complicated use cases when integrated. Our client was looking to create an experience for the end user that necessitates PayFabric and SalesPad to work together. Below are use cases they were looking for.

Customized Authorize and Capture Flow

The standard process in any payment scenario is for the same system to capture and authorize the payment. This is standard operation for most merchants for many reasons with security being one of them. However, our customer wanted to route all payments from Magento via PayFabric. While the payment authorization happens in Magento via PayFabric, the fund capture happens in Dynamics GP via SalesPad. Our team created the custom workflow to handle this requirement while keeping the entire data interchange secure.
Once our team integrated PayFabric with Magento, PayFabric was able to complete the payment process for the end user and capture the payment information. When PayFabric captured the payment, our Magento GP Connect helped populate the payment details in Dynamics GP. These details were used by SalesPad to capture the payment directly into Dynamics GP.
Our client had a defined payment processing workflow using Dynamics GP prior to us. They wanted to continue realizing the funds via Dynamics GP in spite of the new Magento platform for eCommerce. The above customization perfectly addressed this challenge.
In case you are looking for a payment gateway for your estore, make sure to go through our blog.

Order Edit Function

Quite often, our client received a request to edit orders. When a payment is complete, the customer cannot edit order in most cases, since it changes (decreases or increases) the order value. If a merchant wants to support the process, a customization is a must. Our client wanted a seamless user experience, which allows the end user to edit cart without re-entering any information. This is unlike most of the other edit order extensions available in the market today.
We took advantage of the fact that PayFabric has the ability to store credit cards securely in the cloud. Our team leveraged on this feature to allow end users to edit their confirmed orders. Once the client edits their order, Magento via PayFabric uses the stored credentials of the client to make an updated payment for the new order value. As mentioned above, the end user does not have to re-enter any information to edit his order.

Enhanced Security

Security is a major requirement for our client as it is for every ecommerce player. To ensure the security of the entire data exchange, our team made sure that all the systems and processes adhere to the PCI compliance of our client.


This use case is a clear indication of how a growth partner can help you achieve a custom requirement to improve customer experience. We believe that the true ability of a growth partner lies in the ability to customize your ecosystem to suit your needs. This is just one of many success stories of our clients. To know more them or to know how we can help you with your custom requirement, contact us on info@i95dev.com.

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