June 6, 2018

eStore Development –
What and How of Time and Cost!

Author Durga
As the days go by, we look for new solutions to enhance our business production. In the process, it becomes hard to ignore the prominence of online business that is taking the world by a storm. Every brand today focuses on building its online brand. Irrespective of the industry, you focus on or the customers you serve, your competition is already building their eStore. This leaves you no choice but to build a store of your own. However, some of the key questions which linger in the minds of retailers are:

  • What will the project cost of developing an eStore
  • How much time will it take?
  • How can you leverage on a platform like Magento?
  • Which service provider to choose?
  • And, where to start?

Four Aspects that Effect your eStore Development

Prior to initiating the search, it is important to decide your goals and objectives for your new e-commerce business. Here is a checklist for starting an online site on a Magento platform.

  • Focus on right features 

    Deciding on the nature of the business you wish to enter plays an important role in designing your eStore. Before initiating an online business, you need to decide the type of eCommerce solution you are trying to adapt. For instance, if you are looking for a grocery online store, you need a retail shop like commerce platform with discounts and coupons. If you wish to create a fashion store, you need an eStore that helps you build a visually appealing website, to help showcase your products. Have you read our blog on design tips? If not, make sure you do.

  • Competitors

    In a market, you are never alone. You need to analyze your competitors and know their USPs before planning a Magento Store. To stay ahead in the race, you need to devise your own USP and build an eStore to deliver a unique user experience. Thankfully, Magento offers a plethora of features like easy payment solutions, analytics reporting and search engine optimization to help you.

  • Chose shipping methods

    Before selling products online, it is important to consider how you wish your products to reach to the customers. Most Magento websites offer easy shipping plug-in where your users can calculate shipping charges. You need to consider a platform that can accommodate a plethora of platform for flexible shipping management.

  • Website content

    An e-commerce platform not only serves as your online marketplace but also serves as an opportunity to provide your customers with relevant information, tips, and content. You need to consider whether you want to add blogs or other content to your eStore. You also need to decide which and what type of information you will be adding along with your products. Features like search engine optimization, customer support, and content management.

Online-store-development-estimationFour Areas that Make a Magento eStore Development Service Provider Great

With the increasing demand for e-commerce development, companies have come up to provide this service with perfection. However, not all that glitter is gold. You need to consider certain points before getting into a contract with a Magento e-Store development service provider.

  • Portfolio

    By looking at the portfolio of the company you are approaching, you can get a fair idea of how the company works and results it has delivered. You can also get to know the types of Magento projects delivered by the company along with their working methodology. While viewing the portfolio, it is important to consider expert ratings and reviews of the company. This helps in analyzing the past company work.

  • Quality

    Quality is the prime concern for Magento projects. One way to judge the quality of work is to ask the developers to create a small mockup eCommerce sample project that can be free or paid. By looking at the quality of a short-term project, you can judge the standard and precision of the work done by the service provider.

  • Reviews and blogs

    The Internet is full of opinion and comparison websites. Before signing for a Magento eStore service provider, it makes sense to peek into the expert reviews of the company or search for blogs on web related to the company. The quality of blogs and the reviews of actual clients will help support your decision. Blogs will provide an insight into the technical knowledge the company executives have in their respective fields. If they also write tutorials or tips on Magento, it means the company is proficient and experienced.

  • Pricing

    While every company functions within a budget, make sure to choose the best service provider for your budget. Bang for the buck is more important than what you pay. Most eCommerce players cannot truly understand the downsides of a badly executed projects. Issues like delay in projects and ancient project management styles lead to a critical surge in project costs.

magento-2-services-i95devCost and Amount Specifications in eStore Development

When getting a quality Magento eCommerce store developed, cost and amount specifications are an important aspect. It is advisable to pre-define the deadlines and other requirements at the start of the project.
It is important to note here that the total cost of online store depends on the value that your client expects from you in return. If you wish to develop a simple functional website made on a standard template, you can get things done economically (albeit having a rigid platform to function on). Alternatively, if you want to operate a full-fledged website on Magento with customized features like returns, shipping, and exchanges; you might need to invest a bit more. Either way, Magento solves your purpose as it comes with plentiful features like mobile-optimized eStore, SEO, digital marketing and many more that can be integrated into your project for added costs. Hence, cost varies on the basis of the value that you derive from your Magento eCommerce store.


In a nutshell, getting your eStore developed on Magento can be the deciding factor in the way your business proceeds in future. By taking the time to decide on certain factors mentioned above, one can make a sound decision and lead the road to the development of an immaculate eCommerce store. By availing the best service provider that utilizes Magento to its 100% efficiency, one can easily enhance the productivity of a business and reach the zenith of online success.
To get access to best Magento services and start the process of creating your eCommerce store platform, get in touch with us. We have experience helping many companies across industries take-off their eStore. For information on how we can help, write to us on info@i95dev.com.

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