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June 15, 2016

Gain Competitive Edge with Dynamics
GP and E-commerce Integration

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According to eMarketer, the world e-commerce market is growing at more than 15% a year and is expected to touch $27 trillion by 2020. Now, you will need all the tools you can have in your arsenal to grow your business at the same level (to prevent your market share from declining) because remember the competition is also growing (probably at a faster pace).
You will never be able to gain that competitive edge if you do not work smart; if you are not efficiently using the resources you have on hand. For example, if your e-commerce platform is not integrated with your Dynamics GP ERP system, then you will invest a lot of time and money manually synchronizing data between the two systems. While the manual data sync is prone to errors, the silos of information created also prevents you from reaping benefits of an integrated system.
Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system is designed to help small and mid-size businesses gain greater control over their financials, better manage their inventory and operations, and make informed decisions that help grow their business. Microsoft Dynamics GP and e-commerce integration enable you truly leverage the power residing in your ERP system by streamlining and automating critical business processes like

  • Flow of product and inventory information from Dynamics GP to e-commerce system,
  • Flow or orders from e-commerce to Dynamics GP ERP system for order fulfillment,
  • Flow of order status update and shipping information from Dynamics GP ERP to the e-commerce system, and more.

There is more to Dynamics GP and e-commerce integration, we have only just scratched the surface. The benefits include:

Convenient to expand to new markets

Dynamics GP and e-commerce integration can significantly reduce the operational overhead to maintain these systems. With integration, the information can be managed in one system and updates automatically synchronized to the other system. Moreover, the e-commerce system can be further extended to add additional sales channels like online marketplaces without much incremental effort. This enables businesses to expand and reach new markets easily giving them the edge required over the competition.

Secure and error-free transactions

The e-commerce system enables you to easily reach your customers, display information and take orders. However, the orders once received have to be transferred back to the Dynamics GP ERP system for fulfillment, along with other information like customer details. By eliminating manual data synchronization methods you can minimize the data sync errors (common with manual data sync processes) which not only reduces operational losses but also improves customer experience.

Facilitates Multi-channel Marketing

E-commerce and Dynamics GP ERP are the two most critical systems for businesses – Dynamics GP ERP is the heart of the information hub and e-commerce the most used and effective customer touch point. With Dynamics GP and e-commerce integration, businesses can now leverage the information residing in their Dynamics GP ERP system and use the power of e-commerce marketing to drive sales and business. Moreover, the e-commerce system can be further extended to support additional marketing and sales channel. This will enable businesses to centralize their marketing efforts while reaching customers across multiple channels with little incremental effort.

Efficient Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of any business. All purchase orders and order fulfillment activities are managed in the Dynamics GP ERP system, but customers have no visibility to this as they shop on the e-commerce system. In the absence of Dynamics GP ERP and e-commerce integration, businesses run the risk of overselling or underselling their products which can impact both the bottom line and the customer experience. Dynamics GP and E-commerce integration can you help you better manage inventory by maintaining consistent data across both the system – which also sets the base for improved forecasting and effective demand planning.
For more benefits of Dynamics GP ERP and e-commerce integration, read our e-book 18 Crucial Reasons You Should Integrate ERP & eCommerce.

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